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    I’m in the process of selecting a theme for my blog. Is there a way to search and access samples of blogs that use a particular theme? For example, if I want to see how other bloggers have customized a particular theme, is there a way to say, “Show me blogs using this theme.” I kept looking for something like that on the Theme library page, because it seemed like a feature that would naturally be there. Suggestions? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I use Google to do that sort of thing. I search either blogs under the domain, by typing the exact phrase at the bottom of such a blog…

    …or the official blog which contains announcements for new blogs with demos (sometimes). Examples:

    Hope it helps!


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    If you assume that people on these forums are asking questions about a theme they are using, you can type this into Google’s search bar:
    You can even select the time frame you want to check. Chances are people with questions about a theme recently have not changed themes.

    Instead of the theme name, you can search for any other term on the forums.



    Thx for this tip, airodyssey. I’m getting just about all sorts of variants of the theme that I usse.

    Amazing what people think of in terms of their blog foci, custom header, etc.


    Yes, thanks airodyssey and 1tess for the helpful suggestions. Much appreciated.

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