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    My blog starts on the home page, showing the latest posts.. (with my widget showing a link to the recent posts but only showing ten :( )

    I have about 15 posts so far, but if i click on the oldest of the recent posts and try to view previous post, there is no link. Also, if i search for the first post, there is no link to the next one.. how can i get people new to my blog to see my first post and then the rest consequently.. the only way i can think of is to press previous post from the latest one.. and keep pressing until you get to the start.

    Totally inconvient and i can’t see any guests doing it. Is this only a problem with my theme? unfortunately i dont want to switch theme as this one allows a larger than normal format of photo.

    I dont know how to write code, html or RSS or CSS so any solution that by passes these is much appreciated.. All i really want is a link to my first ever post, that i can then cycle chronologically through the rest of my posts until i hit the most recent. Any suggestions?

    I am sorry if this has been dealt with before, It is a problem that is really throwing me and i am overwhelmed by the sheer number of forum threads..



    (1) Blogs are set up so they are displaying the latest entry first and not the first entry first. To expect them to run in the opposite format is going against the grain. There are work arounds but the only way to do this from the get go is to self host your own blog or get a web host. If that’s your choice then you will need this link

    (2) Here at the most recent posts widget was recently increased from showing only 5 posts to showing 10.

    (3) Now for the work arounds. Yes, this topic has been addressed many times before and you will find threads in the forum search box on the topic. Just 16 hours ago in a thread that’s currently posted on the forum we find this same matter arising so I recommend reading it first. The last entry in the thread will probably be a good starting point for you



    You have uploaded oversized photos to your blog which are all breaking your theme due to their size. You ought to consider getting a flickr or photobucket account (free) and having them host the fullsized photos offline. Then in your blog you can post thumbnail sized photos with links to the hosted photos. This will give your readers the option of choosing to click on the thumbnails to see the full sized one or not. It takes a very long time to load your page on highspeed imagine what the time and cost factor will be for those on dial-up service. Also if you keep it up with the oversized theme breaking photos you will develop technical problems. Instructions for creating thumbnails and off site hosting can be found in the forum search box.
    Here are three resources worth consulting
    the pink stickies at the head of the forum
    and the FAQs blog

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