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    When you click view full size on my images under Survey / PUD the page come up blank??
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    When I click the link for full size, I get the full size image. It comes up but it is huge. I have to pan around on the screen to see it. You might consider editing your image to a reasonable size for most computer screens before uploading unless you want your users to pan.



    I tried panning around & it is still not there. Thanks though.


    Hmmm, I was on my ipad when i did so. I got to the full size by clicking on one of the small images and it took me to the carousel and there was a link below the carousel that said something about opening the full size image and gave the dimensions. When I clicked that link I got the VERY large image.

    I am now on my notebook and it takes me to the carousel, but I do not see the same link when on my notebook. Perhaps if the smaller images were not in a gallery carousel, but instead just those 4 images on the page linked to your larger image, it might be more manageable.

    I hope someone will come by an give you some answers, but I do not have them.

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