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Viewing Likes I have made on other blogs

  1. I've been using the Like button as a way of bookmarking favourite posts on other people's blogs for the last seven months. Today I wanted to find two posts, on different WP blogs, that I Liked between two and six months ago.

    The problem I'm having is that I cannot seem to find an option in the WP Reader to view the posts I've previously Liked months ago. I've looked under My Activity but that only shows the last nine days of posts I've published, commented on and/or Liked.

    I have searched the Forum pages but I didn't see any obviously titled threads referring to this, so apologies if there's another one I've missed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Click this link first!/notifications/
    Then on that page under the Star image click the "Likes" link.

  3. Thanks, thistime, but unless I'm missing another step that only shows the Likes on my own blog, not the ones I've made on other people's, which is what I am trying to search for.

  4. thistimethisspace

    You are right and I apologize. Staff have made changes and now!/activities/ will feature posts that you have liked and commented on (plus your comments).

  5. thistimethisspace

    Note I tagged this thread for Staff as your can only see 9 days worth of data including likes.

  6. Thanks again, thistime, I appreciate the help with this!

  7. You can actually see up to 2 months of activity at!/activities/

    It scrolls infinitely, so just keep scrolling down.

  8. I appreciate your reply macmanx, but, having followed your link; no I can only see nine days worth of activities. There's no loading icon or further scrolling no matter how I view it through links or via my Dashboard.

    I'm posting a link to a screenshot I just took: My Activities Screenshot

  9. Hm, that's rather odd.

    First, please make sure that your browser is up to date by visiting

    If it is not, please try updating your browser or switching to a different browser.

    If it is, please do these two things:

    1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies:

    2. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    Please let us know how each step goes for you, and which browser (and version of) you're using if you're still having trouble.

  10. I use Safari 6.0.3 as my main browser. Cache is cleared and no extensions. Same problem.

    I've just tried Firefox 19.0.2. Cache is cleared and no extensions. Same problem.

  11. Also, to add, I have tried this on a different computer that has no cookies for the site, same browser versions, cleared cache and the same problem still occurs.

  12. Hm, I see what you mean, My Activity under your account is cutting off at 1 week 3 days.

    Something seems to be affecting your account here, because you do have comments which go back further than that.

    We'll look into this!

  13. macmanx, thank you. I understand, and appreciate, that you're working within a particular framework for functionality on the My Activities page.

    However; your responses do not answer my original question. I created this thread because My Activities page doesn't show the information I've previously had easy access to before the March update.

    Two months' worth of viewable activity of my own posts, individual comments and Likes is *not* what I was asking about.

    I'm lucky that I've been able to remember the two blogs having the content I wanted and searching them for the relevant posts.

    But what was the point in Liking the posts if I can't search/filter that in my WP reader rather than using my own browser bookmark facility?

    That's rhetorical; I know that you personally can't give a definitive answer.

    I realise your time for dealing with certain problems is limited. This is meant as a somewhat frustrated general feedback on WordPress global decisions, not for your responses in trying to resolve the My Activity page issue. I hope it is something that you can pass along.

  14. Right, that is exactly what we're looking into. You should be able to see all of your Likes on that page. I can on mine, so I'm not sure why yours is limited, and that's what we're trying to fix for you.

  15. Sorry for the tone of the last comment, macmanx. Thank you for looking into the matter.

  16. You're welcome!

    We'll let you know when we have a solution.

  17. Hi! I know it's only been a couple of days but I wanted to come back and say I'm still experiencing a problem with My Activity page.

    I'm still seeing a cut off for posts. This time it is at 13 days. Every time I make a Like, comment on another person's blog or publish my own post; whatever has gone before my most recent activity over the thirteen days is no longer viewable on the My Activity page.

    I do really understand that changes aren't always welcome, and that problems do happen at times of changeover, but this is being a big end user issue for me.

    At this point: I've not seen anything that says whether this is a feature that has been removed or whether it is a bug or if I'll ever be able to view the Likes I've made over the seven month time period I've used WP. If those Likes I've made previously have been purged and will never return I would appreciate knowing about it.

    Macmanx, up comment, you referred to two months of the My Activities page which are viewable for you? I assume that means the Likes, Comments and Posts I've Made from your own blog that are viewable on your own Activity Page. If that is so, can I ask if you have a different method of looking for posts you've Liked but not commented on that are beyond a two month limit?

    I'm sorry if this sounds a non-positive thing, but I do regularly share other people's posts that I've Liked by looking it up in my Reader and then posting a link by email. If Liking something is not a quick, searchable feature anymore for posts, going back over six months to a year, then I'll find an alternative.

    I'd just like really like to hear some other options and advice about what that means going forward.

  18. We're still working on it. You're a bit of a special case, but we're working on something that will fix performance overall and correct your problem at the same time.

    Basically, everyone can see two months of activity in My Activity, expect you, and maybe a small amount of others who haven't made themselves know. The performance improvements we're working on will fix this, and the ultimate goal is to allow My Activity to scroll all the way back to the day you first joined

  19. Thank you for the quick response! I do appreciate that you're engaged with this.

    I'm all too aware that complaints can step over into the personal or nitpicking in an unhelpful way. This is not the ideal, but I hope that there will be a solution that makes the platform a more stable experience, as it has been and what I've enjoyed about it. Thank you again.

  20. You're welcome!

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