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Viewing My Blog in Different Languages

  1. Because javascript is disabled at It will not work at all. That's why we have to do these workarounds.

    (Also, in future you might not want to bump resolved threads, because most people don't read them)

  2. Jtingey: As raincoaster said, we cannot use javascript here. What I did was to copy the url of the translation, which is why it only translates the front page only. If you want to translate all your posts/pages, you probably have to do it manually. This is not practical, since you would be updating your blog constantly.

  3. Thanks for the info! (Normally I wouldn't post on a resolved thread but saw that the previous post had only been left a few hours before mine.)

  4. thistimethisspace

    I'm glad to hear this worked out well for you. FWIW only the original poster and or Staff and Moderators can mark threads "resolved".

  5. sulz, it keeps doing it. But I saw it today on a pc (I'm a Mac) and it looks almost fine.... I'll contact support about this because I've been having other problems in the last 2 days, maybe the're all related. Txs a lot.

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