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  1. Hello, this is my blog:

    This is my problem: when a picture on my blog is clicked, it does not enlarge.

    This is what it looks like:

    It used to be that when you clicked a photo it became enlarged and you could also zoom in, like this:

    I don't know why it began doing this (it happens sporadically), and I find it frustrating. Any help with getting it back to the way it was would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are inserting your pictures and linking them with "post url" so they open in attachment pages.
    When inserting images, you want to make them link to "file url."

    You can change that by editing each picture to "link to image."

  3. Hi, thank you for your help. The options on the edit screen are worded a little differently with 'none' 'current link' and 'link to image' and they work the way you described, but when the 'current link' option (which is what I was looking for) opens the picture in another screen, it is the same size as the photo in the post and it cannot be enlarged. I'm fine with this (it's better than before) but would still prefer the larger photo. If you have any other ideas about it I would be grateful, but as it is you have helped a ton. Thank you :)

  4. *Sorry, 'link to image' was the option that worked for me, not 'current link'.

  5. When you first upload an image to a post, it will say “Post URL” which means it will open in an attachment page, just the same size as the image in your post. Each of the photos in your post (which you have inserted with "post url" will open in an attachment page, and one can navigate from one pic to the next. People can even comment on each photo…

    To fix that, edit each image so it is "link to image" and if your uploaded image is larger than the one in your post, then it will display full sized.

    If the uploaded image is the same size as what is displayed in the post, then when it opens with the link, it won't be any bigger. You can use your browser to zoom in on the picture.

    Or you can upload a small version of the file to display in your post, then upload a larger version. Find it's link (http:// etc) either when you first upload it or in the media library. Edit the image in the post to link to the larger image's url.

  6. Yes you got it: "link to image" is what you want.

    (Sorry, I should have refreshed the page before submitting…)

  7. Aha! - got it now, thank you so much!!!

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