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    It used to be so easy to search for scheduled posts in admin; now it’s almost impossible!

    On two blogs I have posts scheduled up until October, and the only sure-fire way for me to find things to proofread before they go up is to scroll through dozens and dozens of posts to get to the bottom! And the scrolling takes forever now there’s a massive picture preview for each one.

    In the old admin I could use the drop-down menus to choose which month’s posts I wanted to view.

    I’ve tried the new useless search function, and it almost never brings up what I’m looking for. If I search “January 2016” for example, the two posts I *know* I have scheduled for tomorrow do not come up.

    Also, it’s impossible for me to remember what I’m looking for when I made something ten months in advance.

    By far the worst of all the “improvements” in the new admin. Could we not have a simple drop-down menu back?

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