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Viewing posts of employees

  1. I have some colleagues in my blog and usually when they publish something passes by me first and then go to the network. But they need enviarme an email so I know they are publishing. If their posts come to the section I could see a draft, set for release and publication. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can control this by changing their user role. My kids are all contributors and their posts come to the normal post area in the dashboard where I can review, make any spelling/grammar corrections, then publish.

  3. ~~ teamoyeniyi

    See also > user roles

  4. Thank you guys
    I'll take a look at this

  5. I was checking the possibilities of different Roles, but unfortunately I can not use them because they give some liberties that may affect safety / features of the blog.

    Thus, the suggestion put back when a developer to create your post and send it for review it can be alerted to the administrator.

    Thank you!

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