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Viewing private blog

  1. carolinedramsey

    I've been invited to a private blog. Whenever I attempt to view it, I'm directed to a page to create a new password. How do I view the page?

  2. Private blogs - The blog is linked to a login so a person the blogger has added to the blog will see the blog as normal and anyone else will be prompted for a password. Only the blogger who added you to their private blog knows what the password is so that's the person you should contact to get this sorted out.

  3. timethief, that is not accurate. You are thinking of a private post which is where the blog author sets a password.

    For a private blog you login and should just have access if they have added you.

    If that is not working make sure the blog author has your username.

  4. Thanks for the correction foolswisdom. I'm still learning new things every day. :)

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