Viewing Topics with Reader Shockingly Bad!

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    More Reader woes. Reader is only updating each follwed topic with 6 posts per time. Also, the time stamps shown are all corrupt. A post displaying ‘5 seconds ago’, still says ‘5 seconds ago’, hours later. I must be missing-out on so many new posts. Conversely, others may also be missing-out on my new posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    As Volunteers cannot assist with this issue, I have flagged this thread for a Staff response. Please be patient while waiting.


    we have the same issue since the last couple of days


    Same here. It’s really annoying…



    Same here. Both Reader and Freshly Pressed keep reverting to past settings. Every time I log in, I have to keep refreshing to see new posts on Reader and Freshly Pressed (when its updated).



    I too have been experiencing this. Though I find if I click the ‘six new posts’ then do a reload, it seems to load up everything that I would have otherwise been missing (I think, definitely more than the 6 at least). It is very irritating though.



    It looks like everything is back to normal, fingers crossed. This isn’t due to anything I have done. None of this was due to any of my actions or inactions. It has just been a case of riding it out, manually refreshing pages etc, and now today, suddenly everything is fine again.

    I noticed several hundred posts in topic queues from the backlog. It looks like there has been a glitch somewhere further down the line. I hope yours are back to normal, too.


    Mine are not back to normal yet. I just get a blank space.

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