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views and logouts

  1. carcarfamilies

    I noticed if I log out through My Account, the page remains on the screen and if you went back and looked over the stats, it had counted as one view. Why is this so when you were just viewing your own site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It doesn't count your visits when you are logged in, but it will when you are logged out.

  3. carcarfamilies

    Right, when you logged out from a page (which you can only do through My Account), it will automatically count as a visit because the page remains on the screen. This shouldn't be so, it was not even a visit and it was your own post. There is no count if you log out from the dashboard.

  4. The reason it counts a view when you log out from the My Account pulldown when you are viewing your blog is that the page actually refreshes to take away the top gray admin bar.

  5. carcarfamilies

    Now I see. Thanks, thesacredpath. So is there some way WP can go around this, refresh but not count it?

  6. carcarfamilies

    Sorry, or not refresh after the log out but go back to the WP log in page, just so it doesn't count. I felt like having cheated.

  7. I don't know if they could or not, or how easy it would be. Personally I've never worried about one hit here or there, and since I always log out from the dashboard, I don't get counted. I do however when I log in since I log in from my main blog page. Again though, what is one hit here or there?

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