Views By Country: Map graphic pushed down by "Permission Denied" Entries

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    Hi there

    I love the “Views by Country” feature in my stats!

    When I go to the summaries and try to look at the views from all time my list of countries is long. At the bottom of the list “Permission Denied” entries repeat and push the map graphic past the bottom of the window so I can’t view it. Any ideas there?

    Thanks again for this great feature.

    The blog I need help with is



    I get that too in IE, but not Chrome and Firefox doesn’t see it either.

    However, do you have crawl errors in Google?

    See here:

    I have logged a ticket with Support.



    You can close out those permission denied bars by simply clicking the X on the red bar. It will allow the full map to display once you get rid of all of them. I wonder what they are though…are those hits from countries which don’t allow WordPress to track activity?



    Hi, all.

    I’ve yet to see these, but I don’t have a windows machine to test with IE. It sounds like a bug in the translation of country names to the map charting API. The next time someone sees this, can you please attach a screenshot of the list the “Views by Country” panel and let me know which blog you’re viewing the stats for?

    Thanks for the report and the love :)


    I have noticed this ‘permission denied’ phenomenon in my
    ‘views by country’ area. The word ‘permission denied’ will appear in a red box with an x at the top right hand corner (a closing function apparently) This ‘permission denied’ box appears to the right of country names. It only appears sometimes when one particular country has the mouse pointer put over it- it does not appear every time the mouse pointer is put over a country’s name. Unfortunately I don’t know ‘how’ to take a screenshot. Sorry. Also I have noticed that Google’s search engine delivers my blog site’s address after I’ve searched for it as https:// instead of just stating the name of the as it usually does and has done. I wonder whether this is the cause of the ‘permission denied’ phenomenon. Hope this helps- a bit.



    Hi, mysuccubuslove,

    Thanks for adding your report. I’ve set up a Windows 7 x64 virtual machine and have replicated this issue on IE8 and IE9.

    I’ve also seen reports of similar error messages for other web apps that use the google geochart / visualization api.

    I’m trying to find a workaround.

    Thanks again,



    Thanks for having a look at this.

    You can see the problem if you are able to see the stats on my website:

    I have a screenshot for you if you need it. How do I upload that here?




    There are sometimes more than one “Permission Denied” flags above a country on the Views by Country Map Graphic.

    I would like to know if the reader was unable to view the post.

    A view using a proxy server did not get counted as a view, but all blog entries were visible.


    Does it mean anything such as the viewers not being able to see the blog? They come up for every country on my map view.

    heres a link to a screen print:

    I use IE and it comes up with every country



    Hello, it occured on my blog last week – even though I updated my IE to 9 its still happening.

    I took a Print screen shot of it but it won’t allow me to paste it in this box???

    I wonder if those countries are being denied access to see our blogs?



    Hello, this issue has not been fixed.
    I am still seeing PEMISSION DENIED on the countries today!!!



    Same thing for me too!!!!!

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