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"Views by Country" not working

  1. Hi,
    I just noticed that "Views by Country" is no longer working on my stat map (for both blogs: birgitsfirstblog , birgitontour). When I click on it nothing happens. Last time I used it (about 4 weeks ago) everything was fine. Tried with different browsers, same result unfortunately. Everything else of the statistics works properly.
    Thanks for any help,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, Birgit:
    I think this should be resolved. Some required code wasn't being loaded on the server. Please let me know if not.


  3. @jblz
    Will you also take a look at this thread please?

  4. just replied. thanks, timethief :)

  5. "Views by Country" never showed up on my Stats page. How do I get it?

  6. Aloha from Hawaii. How does WordPress determine people's locations? I am having a difficult time believing the people from India, Uruguay, Denmark, Estonia, etc. are really clicking on my blogs.

  7. Greetings. When I look at Summaries under "Views by Country" I see a country listing, but I no longer see a map in this view. Seems to me this was working a while ago. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  8. @oaopenaccess: Thanks for the report. I see it as well -- working on a fix.

  9. Thanks jbiz. I thought it might have been a dropped feature. Glad to hear it isn't and can be fixed.

  10. @oaopenaccess: definitely not dropped!
    I think I've fixed the bug we were seeing -- can you please let me know if it works for you now?


  11. Yes Jeff, it's back. Thanks!

  12. I am having a similar problem with the Views By Country. All other stats work, but the module for Country Views constantly shows a swirling "refresh" animation and never shows the stats.

    I have installed jetpack and checked the php footer for the correct code, but can't seem to get it working.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  13. hola.
    no puedo ver el mio (views by country) cuando do a resumen no aparece nada ..y no veo las banderas de los paises ..hay alguin que pueda decirme como tengo que hacer gracias

  14. thefitzgeraldtimes

    I'm having a problem with the Views By Country portion of my stats. It has told me that The United Kingdom has recorded 72 visits, but when I check my stats everyday, I'm informed that more people in the U.K. saw my blog, meaning that I have had more than 72 visits, but it is not recorded. Can it be fixed?

    All The Best,


  15. samuelebeniabram, you'll need to click the expand link to the right of the module's title.

    thefitzgeraldtimes, your blog has only had 4 visits from the UK over the past 7 days. Where are you getting the 72 number from?

  16. ianforum, Jetpack does not yet have the country stats module. It's still

  17. thank you

  18. You're welcome!

  19. Many thanks for site is working fine now. Ian

  20. You are also welcome!

  21. hello sorry ...but i i do not understand ...where i have ti click??? for to see oll flag of country?? thank you

  22. You go nowhere and click nothing. There is no views by country for blogs in the JetPack plugin. Views by country are only avaialble to free hosted bloggers at this time.

  23. @timetheif On the contrary, Jetpack bloggers should be able to see the Views by Country panel by viewing their stats on the homepage:!/my-stats

    @samuelebeniabram -- please let me know if you cannot see it.

  24. @jblz
    This is what macmanx said above on Jul 24, 2012, 12:15 PM

    ianforum, Jetpack does not yet have the country stats module. It's still

    So was he mistaken or are you making an announcement? :)

  25. I think what @macmanx was getting at was that it's not available on the stats page inside wp-admin for Jetpack sites (nor is it available inside wp-admin on dotcom sites for that matter).

    Since the day the feature was launched, Jetpack users should have been able to log in to with the account they used to link Jetpack and see the Views by Country panel.

  26. Aha! Now I comprehend what was and is meant. Thanks.

  27. thefitzgeraldtimes

    Macmanx, that's the number that was counted.

  28. bloggingthelonglist

    Hi, I can't find my views per country -

  29. Hi
    I am a user. My stats per country worked until a few days ago. Now there is a blank space under Views by country.

  30. Hello, I've been having the same problem with 'Views by Country' for my blog ( It seems to be constantly loading. I've cleared all cache and cookies, tried other browsers and refreshed the page. Nothing seems to work though. Anything else I can do? Thanks.

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