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views down by 2/3

  1. my views have went down over this past 2 weeks from about 130 avg to about 50 avg a day , has anyone else had this problem and is thier any way to check if something is wrong

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All i've had for 3 days is over 60 spam link referals and nothing else. It is rather odd, and i noticed someone else questioned it earlier too about their stats dropping suddenly. I have become invisible...except to spammers it seems.

  3. There nothing we Volunteers can do for you in this regard. the person who posted earlier verified that the clicks I made into the blog did appear in the stats.

  4. P.S. I have clicked into both of your blogs and you ought to see that in your stats.

  5. Yes thanks @timethief, but i already knew there wasn't a problem with my stats. I was just agreeing with @harrythehandyman that i too have had a sudden and unexplicable drop in views. I guess no-one loves me anymore ;)

  6. Stats go up and stats go down, my site daily page views vary by around 400% from low to high in any 10 day period and weekly stats vary by about 2:1 in any recent month.

  7. Thanks @auxclass ;)

  8. You be welcome & good luck

  9. thank you TT and auxclass i thought there might be something up in the dashboard needs fixed

  10. In my experience search engine rank has a lot to do with it. Maybe someone has just published something on a similar subject to you with a catchy headline that pushes you down in rank.

  11. Sorry but that just wouldn't apply to me. I have a photo blog (mainly). Catchy headlines are irrelevant. Anyway, my blog is only 2 weeks old so i doubt i have any ranking yet.

  12. @tandava108, i don't think that would be it

  13. If your blog stats are not working you can contact Staff for help. If your blog stats are working then there really is no support question in this thread to answer.

  14. @TT, they are working ok, they are up a little to-night, maybe it's because of the moon's gravity on the earth :)

  15. Well I'm with tandava108 on this. It so happens that Google makes many changes to their algorithm and when they do posts that previously were returned in the SERPs on the first page fall back onto other pages as fresh content on the same topics is published and indexed.

  16. @ tt, i understand i'll just have to work and get them back up again

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