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Views for today don`t match the number by country views

  1. Hello,
    I`m a little bit confused today stats show:
    1 Visitor7 Views
    and by country for today it shows:

    United Arab Emirates 2
    Romania 2
    United Kingdom 2
    Italy 1

    Can one unique visitor be in 4 countries at the same time?

    Please clarify. Maybe it is something i`m missing.

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Stats can be delayed by hours and don't reflect many things. They are a guideline at best and should never be considered completely accurate.

  3. Ok.. thx. But from not completley accurate to a bit weird, i find 1 visitor 17 views and now 6 countries a bit of the scale. Anyway. If there is no actual problem aside the functionality of the reader, it will suffice. Thank you!

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