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Views of my private blog

  1. clearingskies97

    Today my private blog shows 4 Canadian views; I do not have any Canadian followers (tho I am in Canada) and am specifically blocking a few Canadians who previously followed me. Is my site recording my own views? Or has someone without authorization viewed my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you visit your own Private blog your visits show - if you are in Canada your visits will show as "Canada"

  3. clearingskies97

    I only "visit" my blog hey logging in; do the views through the administrative page. I didn't think these showed up as views, when you logged in to view your blog.

  4. Dashboard visits should not count. Did you visit a page or Post while logging in or view a Post or Page?

  5. clearingskies97

    No. I only ever look at my site when I'm logged in.

  6. and am specifically blocking a few Canadians who previously followed me.

    It sounds to me like every hit on the URL of the now private blog is being recorded.

  7. clearingskies97

    Can they see my blog? Can I be sure it's private?

  8. jerrysarcastic

    Hi @clearingskies97

    Yes, your blog is private, and you can verify this by logging out of your account (or opening a private browser session) and visiting your site. This is what anyone other than you would see if they try to access their site:

  9. clearingskies97

    That's great - it's all I needed to hear! Thanks all!

  10. jerrysarcastic

    Great, glad I could help!

    Happy Blogging :)

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