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Views on My Busiest Day?

  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone had information on the amount of views changing. On my blog where is shows "views on your busiest day" it had been 883, but when I logged in yesterday it had all of a sudden changed to 803. I am just confused as to why it would change. Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you Timethief for the link! So on that day I had less page views then what had actually been recorded?

  3. I'm sorry but all I know is what is said by Matt in that thread.

  4. The issue with as a referrer is (probably) related but not identical issue. Several people have had problems with stats changing after the fact that were not during the same period when was showing up as a referrer, which is what Matt was talking about in the post linked above.

    I contacted support outside that forum, and the response was basically, "I'll pass that along and we'll try not to have it happen again."

    Out of curiosity, was your busiest day sometime near the daylight savings change? I'm wondering if something got messed up with the time change, where those stats for our best days are still counted, just on a different day now. That's complete speculation though.

  5. Thank you for the info Christy. My busiest day was on October 27, but I guess is no longer going to be counted as a referrer then?

  6. @ncohen7

    I guess is no longer going to be counted as a referrer then?

    I'm as clear as mud on what happened and what's going on now. Until Staff actually provide a detailed explanation of what they changed and why they changed it, I'm sorry but we Volunteers have nothing to add to this thread or the other thread I linked to above.

  7. @Timethief

    I am new to blogging, but thank you for your rude response to me. I was responding to Christy and was not looking for an answer to the quote above. I guess from now on I will just try to figure things out on my own so I do not receive rude responses like this in the future.

  8. @ncohen7
    I do not know why you thought I was rude. I certainly did not intend to be. Perhaps I ought to have added a sad smiley face at the end of my comment above so I conveyed that I too am confused and sad that I don't have any answers from Staff that I can link to. :(

  9. @ncohen7, cut timethief a little slack. Timethief and the other volunteers put in a lot of time here in the forums. We're all confused about what's happening with the stats right now., and we're muddling through together.

    The answer to the question about as a referrer is that we really don't know. I can make a guess that we'll see it periodically as a legitimate referrer (which it can be), but hopefully won't see those inflated referrer stats that we saw for a little while. I'm more free to wildly speculate than Timethief since I'm not a regular volunteer and nobody sees my posts as definitive. :)

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