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    great idea — but I am pretty sure that 4 visitors did not read my post 29 times today, so there is something up

    For stats to show that one page has been read 29 times in five hours and suggest I have only had 4 visitors — I think there is a problem here

    is there an issue with people coming for example from fb? does that count as one visitor if they come through a single link?

    any help is good otherwise this apparent tool is about as useful as a wet haddock when you have a bent nail!


    The blog I need help with is


    Member stats are not real time stats so they take time to update. jblz (Staff) reported a two hour delay here



    What is a page view? A page view is a request to load a single page of an internet site that results from a page request from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page which is pointing to the page in question.

    What is a unique visitor? A unique visitor is access from a single IP to a web server that generates page views and hits during a particular visit. (When a visitor has cookies disabled, there is no way of establishing if they are a unique visitor or not. )

    What is a hit? In web analytics, a hit is any request for a file from a web server. By request means a hit calculates page content delivered, all images to complete that page, and any additional files that need to be loaded to make the web page you are looking at, appear the way it does.



    P.S. I tagged this thread so Staff will take a peek at your stats and see if all is well or not. If you subscribe to the thread you will be notified when Staff respond here.



    Hi there,

    I see that you’ve had 28 visitors make 40 views (as of right now, for today), which seems like a very reasonable ratio.

    All people via Facebook don’t count as one visitor; it is unique per viewer.

    Does this help?

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