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views question

  1. I just opened my photography blog and I need help to understand how the "views" statistics works.
    Lets assume a new visitor discovers my blog, and he clicks on 5 of my pictures from the blog.

    How many views are added (counted) from that visitor, one (from his unique IP address) or five (for each picture he visits on my blog) ?

    Thank you


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Views are not per picture, but per post. If he views five posts, then five views are recorded.

  3. Thank you

    In other words, no matter how many clicks are made inside the post, just one is recorded, correct?

  4. stats are recording "page views". A stat is created every time a visitor clicks a link and views another page on your blog. Read also >

  5. Sorry I am still confused. Looks to me that the two previous answers contradict each other.

    So, somebody views my post, and clicks on each of the 5 pictures from that post.

    How many views do I get, 1 or 5 ?

  6. no matter how many clicks are made inside the post, just one is recorded


    If they click on the pictures, it depends if the link that is on the picture goes to the FILE or a Page. If it goes to an attachment PAGE then you get another view counted. If it goes to the File you don't.

  7. Got it, thank you

    Today I posted something new and I already received 4 likes from 4 different bloggers.

    However the views counter did not increase at all, it is the same as it was before I posted today's post.

    I assume that those 4 people did click on my post it to see it, in order to be able to "like it" later.

    So I would assume that means my counter would increas with at least 4.

    However it didn't.

    Why is that ?

  8. Because (I answer this question six or eight times a day) people can Like your post from within their Blog Reader, and that doesn't count as a view.

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