Vigilance post header changes with CSS

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    I am using the css upgrade and have made a lot of changes to the theme through css.
    The one change i have been wanting to make is:
    add the by zeenat(author), date and number of comments link,
    all in one simple line under the post heading/Title.
    Most themes have either or…but I want it all to be in one simple line, which is visible at a glance, without scrolling down to the bottom of the post. Especially the number of comments link.
    If anyone know the code for this..please let me know.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Hopefully someone will be along soon to help you. If I could I’m sure you know I would. :)


    I’ll mention this first before getting into the CSS, which is a little tricky.

    For your posts to show up in the global tags pages here, and to keep from getting on the bad side of the search engines, you should limit the sum total of tags + categories on a post to no more than 12. Anything more than that and you risk getting left off the global tags pages and the search engines can also get suspicious and might discount your search engine ranking.

    The author can be moved up beside the date, but the issue is the length of the “month name. Since it can vary considerably (May vs, September as an example) the author would have to be spaced over to the right far enough to handle something like September 30, 2011. That means that on a date like May 1, 2011, there is going to be a large gap between the date and the author.

    It might be better to put the comment link below the beside the author where it is and then move the tags down beneath them.

    One thing to consider though is that most people will read a post and then decided to comment, and with the comment link at the top, they have to scroll back up to the top of the post to get to the comment link. Just something to contemplate.



    Using Firefox 5.0 I see the Alert box message has intruded into the sidebar.


    A width of 625px has been set in a div in the alert box, which is wider than the content area. It needs to be edited and changed to 580px.



    I now see the alert box message fits nicely into the top of the blogging column. :)

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