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Vigilance - right & left sidebars no longer defined

  1. Today I find that the contents of the right hand sidebar and being displayed in the left hand sidebar below the left hand sidebar contents. This is NOT a case of me placing an oversized image in a sidebar that caused it to fall.

    Is staff "tweaking" this theme? If not then why is this happening and what can I do to correct it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Update: I also use the self hosted version of Vigilance on the blog on my domain. There is no problem with the sidebars there.

    compare: and

  3. Hi Timethief, I can see it fine on both blogs using FF 3.0.10/Vista 32bit.

    I assume you've checked it in different browsers already?

  4. TT, in the post by potato chef, move the more tag to a separate line. Right now it is at the end of a paragraph and may be causing the issue.

  5. Also, in the post "Crayons, Colors and Blog Design" the same thing.

  6. It was goofed up when I first looked, but now the sidebars are back in the right places. But the background color and border colors are still missing.

  7. @carocat-Woah! Congrats!

  8. @Jennifer: Thank you. :)

  9. @TSP
    Hi there. I put an unnecessary second carriage return in before each "read more" tag in the posts you pointed to. How that relates to the sidebars combining instead or remaining separated is beyond my comprehension. However, this issue appears to be resolved.

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