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Vigilance Theme

  1. Hi,

    When I select the Save Changes option on Vigilance Options nothing happens. My customizations is undone.


  2. Hi: This is happening to me, too. LOVE the look of the new theme, though, thanks!

  3. I dont know why this is resolved cause its not working for me still

  4. christopherewarfield

    I'm in the same boat

  5. smellslikehome

    this isn't working for me either.

  6. portaltotheinternets

    I'm also having the same problem. Additionally, I can't hide the header text and it's stepping on my custom image.

    Otherwise the theme looks great...

  7. I'm also looking for a resolution to this problem.

  8. Ditto here.

    I've tried in Safari, IE 7, FF 3.0 and its the same everywhere. Clicking on 'Save Changes' under Appearance>Themes>Vigilance Options does nothing! Clicking on 'Reset' promptly restores the settings though :-|

    Also, what does the big 'Continue' button at the top stand for?

  9. I also tried various browsers. Now, I'm wondering why this thread is tagged "Resolved."

  10. Same issue here!

  11. I have the exact same problem and I'm desperately trying to find a solution. Red links just doesn't cut it for me.

  12. If a thread is marked resolved but the issue persists it probably just means the OP ticked the wrong box. I've added a modlook tag so that a staff member should be along soon. You could also send in a support note. Just saying 'me too' on the end of a forum thread won't have any effect.

  13. At least I'm not alone.

  14. I unresolved it and have flagged this thread to a dev so it'll get looked at. Sorry the problem got through.

  15. Thanks Mark!

  16. portaltotheinternets

    It looks as though the "save changes" button is working now...I can set an alert.

  17. I applied the theme.It worked well.But in the html source code that i hav posted,the comments <!--like dis--> hav a very large font which disturbs the other code.It breaks all the line in that code.And also the calendar date font looks too small.

    for eg. <div id="carousel"><!--START OF THE CAROUSEL-->

    the font of the comment is too large.

    I liked this theme.I hope u guys solve this. :)

  18. The Options work now , but i still cant hide the header text.

  19. Vigilance theme options have been fixed. We're looking into the "Hide Text" function and the sourcecode shortcode formatting.

  20. Yup it works, thanks !

    This theme is really cool, too bad tags are too big... ( or they should be clearer, like the "2009" )

  21. It's a nice theme, however pagination doesn't seem to be working. The multi-page links doesn't appear at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

  22. I am gonna add one more problem: My "recent entry column" font is smaller than "archives" just above it and "blogroll" just below it...aside from the header image/blog name overlapping problem...

  23. Thanks for the quick fix!!!

  24. Is anyone able the use the rotating banner image feature of Vigilance here [WordPress.Com]?

  25. WordPress Support says: Unfortunately, the version of the theme on will not always match the authors theme exactly. We have a lot of the same options, but not all of them. I would love to use that feature if possible at --jim

  26. @neoooen, what tags are you talking about?

    @violetmoon5, pagination should be working. Can you contact support if you are still having trouble with that?

    @jalexartis, the rotating banner image feature is not available on the version of the theme. Sorry!

    @czechdaily, the recent posts widget should be displaying properly. Can you check again and contact support if it's still not working for you?

  27. @designsimply
    I have repeatedly changed my link color and hover color to 0033FF but the changes are NOT taking. Can you help me with that please?

  28. I love this theme, but where are the CSS options? When I try to view the original stylesheet in order to apply my changes, there's not much to see...

  29. @timethief, sure! I think I've got it fixed. Please try updating the text color on the custom image header again and make sure to refresh the home page when viewing it.

  30. @designsimply : these tags :

    I find them too visible... They should be at the bottom, or have a smaller font size... well...personnal tastes :]


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