Vigilance Theme Hovering Box-how to remove?

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    Just today this little semi-transparent box appeared on my blog that wasn’t there before. It states what theme I am using, who designed it, and a link to blog with wordpress. I find it distracting and annoying and want to know if it can be turned off somehow? I tried to locate an option but couldn’t.

    The blog I need help with is


    This appears to be linked to this other change that happened within the last 90 minutes as well:

    I also would like to turn off the hovering bar!


    Staff have added infinite scrolling to vigilance. You are not allowed to remove the transparent little box. On themes with a bottom widget area, you can stop the infinite scrolling and go back to having a choice as to how many posts show on your pages, but Vigilance does not have footer widget areas, so you have two choices:

    1. Live with it.

    2. Switch to a theme that has a footer widget area, put a single, blank text widget into that footer area, then go to settings > reading, disable infinite scrolling and set the number of posts you want to show on each page.



    Hi there,

    Just a heads up that the issue with the Vigilance theme’s background is now fixed. We have however, as thesacredpath pointed out, added infinite scrolling to the theme.




    To disable infinite scrolling in Vigilance, do what thesacredpath suggests in 2 above, then switch back to Vigilance.


    I finally had found a theme that I really, really liked. It seems I will be changing away soon. :/



    Yes. Good. Another way for me to spend time repairing an unannounced feature I did not ask for.


    @thismummaslife, switch to a theme with footer widgets, add a single blank text widget to the footer, go to appearance > reading and turn off infinite scrolling and set the number of posts you want to show per page and save. Then switch back to Vigilance and infinite scrolling should be disabled on vigilance.

    @thedeli, no one asked for this. What many of us DID ask for was an easy way to opt out. What we got was a convoluted way to opt out (which was probably an accident that it exists). While “convoluted” would not have been anyone’s first choice, at least there IS a way to turn it off.


    This, for me, goes to the much greater issue that “thedeli” alluded to.

    WP is making all our choices, from pop-up footers, to the Reader format, to any number of things. In a free world, I feel those decisions should be made by us, the blog authors. Give us the option, sure, and maybe many of us will choose it, but force it down our throats, and you’ll be finding more of us bailing on WP.


    amen to that last post


    To thesacredpath: re “Switch to a theme that has a footer widget area”

    Can you share with us which themes, and by that I mean FREE themes, have a footer widget area? There is no option in searching themes to apply that as a filter and as much as I’d like to spend my day scrolling through every one of the WP themes, I do have a life.



    I like this theme a lot. I suggest they implement an option where we can chose between setting the numbers of posts shown on front page (as it was before) or settimg it to infinite scrolling without this annoying bottom box.



    Staff have introduced “infinite scroll” to some themes and will be implementing it on all themes that have a suitable structure for infinite scroll. This is a site wide change. Read and note that it took a lot of comments from irritated bloggers to even result in a workaround. This is what the co-founder of stated >


    How funny that the link to what the founder of WP has to say to us about the infinite scroll is closed to comments. I laughed my head off. Then I cried.

    @timethief, as wonderful as it is of you to explain a,b, and c to us, I neither have the time nor the technical ability to change my theme, add a blank widget, then change it back. And even if I can figure it out, what good will it do if you say ALL the themes will have infinite scrolling soon?

    My blog is photo based, lots of photos, and for the few readers I have who still have dial-up, they tell me they can no longer load my blog.

    I see that as criminal.


    @eosresurfaces, I agree it sucks. There is a workaround. No one knows how long that workaround will work. Staff could close that hole tomorrow, next week or never. That is the chance you take. I wish there was a clean, easy opt out and many of us argued passionately for that, but as you can see, our arguments were deemed insufficient.

    I would suggest self-hosting a wordpress installation, but if you are not technically able to change themes and add a widget then self-hosting is not an option for you.

    If you are unwilling to try the workaround then you either have to live with infinite scrolling (perhaps put a read more tag after an image or two in each post to speed up page loading) or you will have to find another platform to blog on. Not being cruel or snarky here, just telling you the truth.

    The likelihood of AutoMATTic giving a clean opt out option is virtually zero.


    @thesacredpath: thanks for the comments. Oddly, I always thought of myself as quite a techie, except when it comes to this. I am certainly willing to try the workaround but honestly, I couldn’t understand it.

    I changed my theme to Twenty10 but from there I was lost about the footer widget. I saw sidebar widgets on that theme, but no footer ones. If someone is willing to give me a 1.2.3 of that aspect, I would be most willing to give it another try. TimeThief is great and she explained alot, but not enough for me to get it.

    I just got off the phone with GoDaddy and they have a marriage with WP. They said they have not made the newest upgrade and don’t force customers to make the upgrade; they recommend, but not mandate. I bought my own domain name at GoDaddy last year and might consider moving over to them but of course I have to weight free versus $$. It’s a double edge sword here.


    Twenty ten does not have footer widgets. Twenty eleven does. Switch to Twenty eleven and do the trick.


    And bingo was her name! Thanks. Did it. Got it. Done…… until WP changes it again!!

    Many thanks for hanging in there with me.



    I’m fairly sure I dislike the hovering “Theme: Vigilance by The Theme Foundry. Blog at” even more than the resource-hogging perpetual scroll.

    Either way, thanks to you guys for the help – and for the arguing back in February.


    @thedeli: the workaround fix eliminates BOTH: the nauseating pop-up and the resource-hogging scroll. As the ad says, try it, you’ll like it. Now if I can only get all the WP blogs I READ to do the fix, I won’t have to be subjected to it in any fashion.

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