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    To help you out with your Custom CSS, I’ll cook up a list of the CSS selectors and any HTML that may have changed and post it here shortly.



    ok great that would be very helpful, I already noticed some of it, and i fixed some of the things, thanks!



    I appreciate the update you guys have made!

    Still wondering though:
    Will the alert box be custom coloured again? I hope so.
    Will the links go back to the way they were? (Without underline and bold.) I hope so.
    What is the new font for the headings?


    While I appreciate the option of new features, I was pretty content with the way Vigilance looked & worked. I liked it so much that I built parts of my site around it & tried to maintain a uniform color scheme. Now there are all those tiny changes that just make it… off. Worse yet, I’m having a rather good day traffic wise, only to find the site wasn’t the way I worked to get it to look.

    The easiest fix, my background & link text colors seemed to reset, even though the code#’s were still there. I fixed that by re-saving & it fixed that problem.

    There are still other things that have changed I’m a bit dismayed by. If these are getting fixed, great, but I’d appreciate if they were looked into:

    -All of the text links I had before were Bolded. Now they’ve only got an underline. This was true for titles of my posts as well. Made everything look a lot more impactful.

    -Images in my posts have a border suddenly. I’d prefer them without. This might also because they link to larger versions of those images. Still, I’d prefer them without if possible.

    -My calendar widget used to fit very comfortably in the left handed column. Now it’s huge & bleeds over onto the right column, like it’d only fit in both. Frankly I liked it smaller.

    -The one nitpick I always had with Vigilance was that goofy bar over the page links just under the menu. I took great care in making a banner that would line up & basically make it invisible. Now there’s like this huge gap.

    If these are long term, I guess I’ll have to maybe start looking for another kind of theme. But that’s going a real headache. And again, in the future, you could you try to give some sort of heads up when you’re adjusting things like this?



    I’ve never touched the CSS settings, didn’t need to — and, candidly, I haven’t the time to learn a new skill set.

    Why does the code I put in the text widgets no longer work?



    i was good with vigilance but now my tables are messed.
    why does the font size increased in tables. i have a format of table to make some particular posts but its doomed now.



    Yikes, I just discovered the standard border around my images. Please tell me I don’t have to remove them for each separate image.



    Here are more details on the HTML and CSS changes for the Vigilance update on 06/02/10 in case you use Custom CSS and want to patch your customizations to work with the new selectors.

    There were very few HTML changes.

    footer.php – The text is now wrapped in <p class="right">
    CSS selector: #footer p.right

    header.php<div class="skip-content"> was added
    CSS rule: div.skip-content { display: none; }

    image.php – The sidebar was removed and content element given width of 920px (full width)
    CSS selector: .attachment.single #content

    index.php – Comments area moved into post-footer div element

    single.php – Added <div class="categories"> around category list
    CSS selector: .categories

    comments.php – Entire comment area is now wrapped in <div id="comments">. Previously <div class="comment-number"> has the ID value. Also Added comment timestamp to comment date area.

    404.php, page.php, archive.php, search.php, sidebar.php – No HTML changes


    Now for the CSS changes to master.css:

    Hide skip to content
    div.skip-content { display: none; }

    Tagline and navigation fixes to avoid navigation overlapping the header image
    #nav { margin: 15px 0 10px 0; }

    Alert box background and border color:

    .alert-box {
    	margin: 0 0 20px 0;
    	padding: 20px;
    	background: #f3f3f2;
    	border: 1px solid #e3e1db;

    The alert box background color is not changeable, but the border will come from custom colors if you use them.

    Comment area CSS: lots of small tweaks to fix nesting issues. New rounded corners and small background color change.



    What has happened to the headings in my blog, and how do I turn it back to the way it was before the upgrade? Also, the space between posts seems to have shrinked somewhat.

    I’m on a free WordPress blog,and it looks like I have to get the CSS upgrade now. Hm.


    I spent A LOT of time and effort on the CSS of my website. Now everything is thrown off, fonts are huge, images have grey borders, spacing is off…If that was done to the HTML, there’s no fix. Is there no way to go back to the way it was?? There seem to be a lot of people who feel the same way I do.




    You guys have changed a lot of things about Vigilance that made it attractive in the first place.



    If Vigilance can no longer perform as it did before — without a purchased upgrade — I realize I’ll have to use a different theme. I’ve just looked at my blog in ‘preview’ mode to test other themes, and you know what? My settings, including the code in the text widgets, still work on those.

    The thing is — I like the look of Vigilance. But not enough to jump through hoops.



    Apologies for the double post — a hiccup made me believe the first one didn’t make it.



    Now i understand what happen with my blog :)
    After theme update, blog was like a place of fighting. Blog in Russian, and the words get ripped, especially in the sidebar. I don’t know what to do. I thought my blog was attacked. After automatic update, there are not many problems in the sidebar, Page suffered a lot from the portfolio page, as I did her tables.

    Thanks admins, have taught me a surprise



    Kind reminder to everyone to remember there’s a difference between saying “Everything on my site is broken!” and “Things don’t look the way they did before.”

    If you feel things are truly broken, like a sidebar bar widget or images breaking out their containers, please contact Support and we’ll help you individually:

    @taaldacht @duskman Did you submit a Support request yet? If so, we’ll respond to you directly there. We won’t be doing troubleshooting here in the forums.



    thx for the codes.
    now i have an idea for my tables to seem like before.
    but please no more changes on table properties, it would suck if i need to change again because i plan to make as much as 2000.



    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who responded with feedback. And thanks especially for your patience and understanding—we understand that you love your blogs and care about them very much. We do, too!

    That’s why today’s Vigilance updates are for the better of the entire community and to make the theme better.

    Based on everyone’s feedback, however, we’ve decided push back a few of the design changes to make Vigilance look like it did before.

    1. Links in main area are bold again (not underlined)
    2. Headings are bold again (the font itself had not changed)
    3. Tables cells do not have any padding (this broke table layouts)
    4. Alert box gets custom border color from Theme Options
    5. Calendar widget in narrow sidebar column again
    6. Removed small grey border around images (images with captions will still get the border, just like before)

    This topic is closed to further replies. Please contact Support if need help fixing text size in widgets or anything else related to your layout:

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