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    Has anyone had problems with their media in the Vigilance theme. I chose this theme because the photos (when selecting large size) went right across the screen. I was away for 3 days and wasn’t able to access the internet and now that I am back, my photos in my blog are all smaller.
    I obviously haven’t changed anything and wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar in the last few days.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, I forgot to say that my blog this forum post refers to is


    Same thing has happened to one of my blogs. Please help!



    The maximum displayed image widget for Vigilance is 600 pixels.
    Neither of you posted a link to a post or a page with and example of what you are referring to.



    oops! I typed ” widget” above when I meant to type “width”. :(


    For instance, on, the photos were so large they spanned across into the sidebar which I liked. I liked how big my photos were. Then one day last week I logged onto my blog and they were all reduced in size without me ever doing anything.



    Images in a post aren’t supposed to “span across into the sidebar” (if this used to happen and it’s not happening anymore, it means that WP corrected an oversight). If you want full-width images, use a theme that has no sidebar or a theme in which the sidebar is optional, or buy the Custom Design upgrade to remove the sidebar from Vigilance.


    I have the custum design upgrade and I do still need a sidebar. Is the Max width of photos able to go larger using the custom design upgrade? And then I can make a smaller sidebar? thanks!


    Also, does anyone know a theme that allows extra large photos and has a sidebar already?


    Thank you Timethief. I did think that it was a bit strange that I had photos that spanned the whole width of the page when my text was only one column. Like greymattermarketing, I loved the wide photos but I accept that it was probably a mistake. I am happy to have this resolved but will leave this to greymattermarketing to resolve when happy.

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