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    @miroslodki, you just need to add the right Page ID number to the Vigilance Options.

    @lendersmarie, you can find the Page ID in the URL while you have the page open for editing.

    @timethief, did you make sure to select “Enabled” next to the Customize colors option?



    @designsimply: The pagination is still not working. I’ve contacted the support regarding this problem. Thanks.



    Thanks for pointing out the obvious [she said with a red face :( ].



    I am surprised so many have this option at all. I’ve never seen this option under Appearance>Themes>Vigilance Options

    I also find that screen photos from some help blogs, show different dashboard options than mine with many more features than mine. I have both free WP and self-hosted WP and none of them have more options than the standard one.


    This theme is a fine effort, far better than most. However …

    My biggest objection to it is the same as with revision 1.9 of The Journalist. It’s the childish graphics for blockquotes. Why bother to design a clean, uncluttered, professional-looking theme, free of images of kittens, children, and butterflies, and then gork it all up with gigantic (at least one-inch high and wide) graphical quote marks for blockquoted material? If you feel it’s desirable to offer such a feature, at least make it optional. As it is, an otherwise excellent theme is one that I can’t consider using.



    The title of my blog is not completely visible in Vigilance: “vi um homem que viu outro que viu o mar” lost the last 2 words. Any solution without image header?


    I’m running into an issues with the combination of Vigilance with the new Threaded Comments feature – I figured the newest theme would be the most likely to have full functionality with WP’s newest gizmo, I’ve been pretty excited for the threaded comments for a while now; but the threading seems …off… in Vigilance.

    Best shown in this post, in the comments section. The 2nd tier of threaded comments adjusts alignment quite far over, and appears on an odd brown/beige coloured background – this background isn’t affected by any of the custom colours offered, and doesn’t seem changeable. Can it be made so? Additionally, the threading shown in WP’s introduction to threaded comments doesn’t seem to happen. While the 2nd tier is oddly far right, the 3rd tier is further left than the 2nd tier, and the progression keeps going from there. The 8th tier breaks the boundaries of the box, the comment is no longer on it’s intended backdrop. Additionally, as each tier stacks up, the box to type in migrates in the opposite direction – also breaking the boudaries of the theme. This would be totally fine if it at least followed the eventual comment location, but not so much. Could the threading be fixed to work the same was as it seems to have been intended to; indenting one Tab worth or so to the right every comment, with each comment confined to the comments backdrop? Finally, the “REPLY” “Permalink” and year component to the date are in a grey that’s almost illegible against that bizarre brown, and even harder to read on the grey that the 1st tier uses. Can the links match the link colour specified in the options, with the “2009” date portion being the same colour as the rest of the date?

    Sorry for the little essay there, but I figure if I give as much detail as possible, the problem’s probably easier to find…



    Nice theme.
    I downloaded it, but even though I added RSS I can’t find it on the page. Is it just me or the RSS doesn’t show on the page with this theme?
    Daniel Faintuch



    I’d try the theme if it wasn’t for that crazy unflattering block quote “thingie/monster”.

    A really clean presentable theme, until the quote business, what a shame.



    OK, the pagination is fixed. I can see the numbered pages now. Thanks! :)


    hi :) im wanting to change to vigilance for the sooooole purpose of that i love the layout and am excited about being able to change the colours without too much hassle but,

    i dont know how to do it because i dont know which colours are which numbers?
    i assumed you would click on the existing number eg. (this is made up) 00234 and a box of colours would come up and i would click on one..

    sorry that im a novice but can someone please help!

    thanks :)



    Hi everyone…

    This app worked for me:




    Here is the site I used to pick my colors from
    for the Vigilance Theme, just remember NOT to add
    the # before the number of the color code.


    @jalexartis thanks SO much, i used it and it worked straight away.

    thanks too teck07, ive saved both yours and the aforementioned site



    GREAT! Glad to help…



    I think this is a theme issue; but, I’ll ask here just in case. With Vigilance, I’ve lost the time of my post. I’d like to see the time [for multiple daily posts]. Can the time of a post be addressed here [or passed on to the theme writer? I’ve asked on their forum, but have not received a reply yet. THANKS!



    It would be really nice if I could change the link colour. No matter what I do it only changes the hover colour. Oh well, guess I’ll go back to my old theme



    hi! great! only a problem with the calender widget, he looks to thin…



    If I use the Alert Box it mixes up with the headline of the following post. How can I avoid that ?




    What browser are you using? When you see this issue with the alert box and post headline.

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