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    @ teck07 I use firefox 3. I´ve inserted an image into the alert box. When I choose alignment left it mixes with the post headline. When I choose alignment center the image sticks in the box.


    I like Vigilance very much.Everything works just fine–customizing the link colours problem. I even quite like the blockquote/big quotation marks that some have complained about. My only small complaint isn’t even mine, it comes from people who post comments on my blog.

    They’re unhappy that the time-stamp on comments is gone. So there’s no way of telling whether someone’s commented recently or not. Kind of annoying. Any idea how to get the time-stamp on comments back? Great theme though. Thanks.




    I recommend contacting staff it sounds like a bug issue and if it is they are the only ones that can fix it because the forum volunteers don’t have access to the back end components.


    I recommend contacting staff with the link above
    that I provide and see what they can do for you.




    I miss my time stamps on post [note my earlier post on this thread] and comments. I asked the same at the Vigilance forum. Below is the reply I just received.

    No that is not a feature of the theme right now. You could customize your index.php and single.php files and add it though. Check out the_time. [ ]

    Unless the WordPress staff makes the changes Drew gives above, I may have to go to to get my time stamps back. Is there another way?

    My blog:




    Good day! I would like to know how to add a highlight box/side image box in my wordpress site. I tried searching in google regarding this but i can’t seem to find answers. I hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance.



    “I would love to edit the Custom CSS of this theme, but the original stylesheet is somehow not viewable when I try to edit it, so I have no idea what code to edit :-(“

    Yeah, same here :/…



    My problem is also the css-issue the others above have mentioned.

    I really love the theme – thank you so much for making it available for us .com users – but I would prefer to have entirely black background and white/silver fonts. I do have the css-upgrade ofcourse, still there is pretty much nothing in the stylesheet I could change. Any ideas or help is very welcome.



    I very much like the new Vigilance theme but I think there are three shortcomings, as far as I see it, which I hope can be overcome.

    1) First of all, the only place where there is a link at the top of your page to your comments is at the homepage. If you click on any previous post there is no “Comments” link. This seems to me an important feature which was left out, perhaps even more important than the absence of a timestamp.

    2) The design does not facilitate navigation because there are no “previous” or “next” posts at the top of the page (like there is in the PressRow theme).

    3) The meta description of the blog is not set to my tagline (according to tech support) so when my site comes up on Google the text displayed under the link is from my most recent posting as opposed to the permanent description of my blog.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to address these issues it would be much appreciated. Thanks.



    Did they ever fix the “Hide Text” feature for the Custom Header? I keep clicking Hide Text, then Save Changes, but it keeps coming back. :(



    excluding pages from HEADER…? I want the pages only on side(still there),not on header, what can I do?
    anyone has an idea? thanks.



    I have another issue with vigilance, it seems odd that the option to “leave a comment” is at the very top of a blog. The reason why this is odd, when a person is done reading a blog post and wants to leave a response, rather then the “leave a comment” being after the blog post, a person has to remember to scroll back to the very top to click the link to “leave a comment”. Most people don’t do this and assume that there’s not option to leave a comment. I tried looking in the options to move the “leave a comment” link to the bottom, but there is none. Can this be changed in a future update to this theme?

    Thank you,




    Thanks for pointing out that the “leave a comment” on the homepage exists only at the the top of the page and not at the bottom (see my post above for my complaint about past posts not having a comment link at the top). I don’t understand why the designers can’t place a “Jump to Comments” link at the top of every post along with the comments link at the bottom to make things easier. I really like this theme but I may have to switch because of this.



    Ciphun, I found a way to get around this issue of there being no option to comment at the bottom of the post on the home page. If you insert a More Tag it will take the reader to the post’s permanent address and at the bottom of that page they can comment. It’s just on the home page where there is no option to comment at the end, not the individual post pages.



    I was adding a text widget and then removed it because it didn’t look right. Somehow all my colors disappeared and my text shifted over to the right. It looks odd. Any ideas?



    I’m liking this theme – but I was just wondering why, when on the home page, two buttons appear highlighted at the top nav bar? If you go to another page, just that page is highlighted. I can’t think what it might be…

    Website is

    Any thoughts?



    Update on this: deleting the page in question and creating a new one solved the problem. However, a different link started doing the same thing! So I have ‘hidden’ that one in the Vigilance Settings. Strange. But sorted for now.



    Does anyone know how the header can look it does on the Jestro website ? It claims the header has five different features on the Vigilance features page but the vigilance features page mentions nothing about the header. some one help.



    @paulcapewell, I’m guessing that you’re using a static front page. That usually is the culprit. Look in the Support documentation for the “I have two homepages” info.

    @bowmanp16, you don’t give a link to your WordPress.COM blog, so it’s rather hard to determine the problem.

    I for one finally decided to move to this theme, and was rather disappointed to find that while you can select colors for the background, borders and links, the background colors in comments are retained from the original theme. Was hoping for something a bit more neutral that would tie into most color combinations users could throw at it. I know there’s nothing to be done without the CSS upgrade, but just venting. Otherwise, I seriously love this theme.



    @ justjennifer

    You can change the comments background color using a css style sheet. I have done so in my blog as well as numerous other changes. The code I used is documented here:




    @ justjennifer

    You can change the comments background color using a css style sheet. I have done so in my blog as well as numerous other changes. The code I used is documented here:


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