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  1. I'll try resizing them and see if it works, but I'm not sure since even with the large images the boxes show up in the edit box.

  2. Additionally, adding the CSS code I posted and previewing the change shows the caption boxes, but without the upgrade I can't save the new code.

  3. @ modernlifeisandy

    My caption boxes also do properly show in this theme [Vigilance]. I've resorted to not using them. I'll have to try your css solution. Thanks! --jim

  4. @ modernlifeisandy

    Your posted css code fixed that problem for me. I have found css invaluable for Vigilance tweaks. Thanks! --jim

  5. On the monthly Archive pages, instead of seeing the posts themselves, we're only seeing the post titles for that month with links to the individual post pages. This is fine -- actually, I really like how clean it is -- but I don't like that it only lists ten titles per archive page, with a navigation button at the bottom for "older posts." Because even though it means "older posts in the same month," the logical way to read that is "previous month."

    Can this be fixed so that all the post titles published in a given month appear on the same archive page?

  6. @flurrious-it really doesn't have anything to do with the Vigilance theme itself. Those pages (Category, Tag, or monthly Archives) show the same number of Posts or titles of Posts that you have set up for the main page of your blog under Settings>Reading.

  7. @justjennifer -- oh, I get it now. Thank you!

  8. Welcome. :)

  9. yes, hi, too, i have a recent problem. just found this gorgeous great huge best funny POLL idea there and IMMEDIATly made one but we have a journalist layout due to some reasons and will definitely not change this. so anyone an idea how to publish this poll now??????? thx greatstuff but this poll havin' online would be LARGE and FAT and WORKING and EVEN MORE MORE FATTER. so far it´s still only backstage. shoulnd´t be. did hear anyone hear about a bugfix for this?

  10. thats one of my problem coz im just started my account in alot

  11. I love this theme!
    But - can't make out how to save my widgets to the right sidebar.
    I have moved 2 of them to the right sidebar (recent comments and blogroll) as there's so much space on the right and I'd like more space between my posts and the widgets - but they don't move from underneath the others.
    Ideally I'd like to move all my widgets further to the right.
    Is that possible?

  12. @joniew: Vigilance has three sidebars: Wide one (top), Left and Right (below it). If you want all your widgets in two columns, you'll have to remove them all from your Wide sidebar, then drag them to the Left or the Right one. But you'll need to downsize your linking images first.

    Text widgets, in particular, need to be dragged to Inactive instead of removed. But best make sure you also have a backup of them, just in case.

  13. thanks - but as you can see I've dragged the 2 last widgets to the right sidebar, but they are still aligned with the others above them. What am I doing wrong? I just want all the widgets further to the right. Perhaps that's not possible?
    And another question - how do I get some space between the first 3 widgets (the feeds)?
    Especially the RSS one which is hugging that black line?
    Thanks for your help!

  14. That's because the rest of your widgets are in the wide sidebar; as I said, the wide sidebar sits on top of the other two. If you want widgets in two columns throughout, you must have them all in the left and the right sidebar, with nothing in the wide one.

    For space between widgets see here:

  15. Ok, thanks so much for your help!

  16. ...and here I'm back again ...
    This time it's a border problem - I've added a grey border but can only see it at the hight of my post in March "Together" down to December "2.Advent" in my Firefox browser.
    Strangely others see it correctly and I see it correctly on Chrome and IE. I've done the cookie dance, but that has made no difference.
    Any ideas? Thanks!

  17. This is the image code from "Together"

    <a href="">
    <img width="420" height="322" border="0" alt="3065111925455010c140389nt1" src="" title="3065111925455010c140389nt1" style="border: 0pt none ; display: block; float: none; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"/>

    I don't see any of the border styling stuff in the image code further down that do not have the border.

  18. Hi Richard!
    I'm afraid I don't understand your reply...
    Perhaps my question wasn't clear - I'll try again.
    I went to the Vigilance options page and enabled "customize colours".
    There I added a grey code to "Border color".
    On Ff I can't see the grey border until I scroll down and then the border starts beside that post "Together" and then stops again after "3.Advent" . Above and below there's no grey border.
    But when I look at it on Chrome and IE, the grey border is there, right from the top of the blog to the bottom.
    So it has to do with something on Ff ?
    So I did the cookie dance, but that didn't help.
    Or are you saying that it has something to do with that image you mention - and if yes, what must I do?
    Sorry I'm so thick and thanks for your help!

  19. Ok, I guess I can live with it....

  20. My bad, I was thinking you meant image borders rather than the borders on the sides of the post area.

    I see the borders all the way down in Safari 3.2.1 and Firefox 3.0.10 (both on Mac).

    My suggestion would be to clear your browser cache, restart your browser and the take another look.

  21. .... done all that and it made no difference.
    Must be me, because everyone else can see it!
    Thanks for your help and have a great day!

  22. You're welcome and the same to you.

  23. Vigilance is the best theme on WordPress. It so free, first of all. It gives you chance to change some colour settings on your blog. And there is a huge custom header part. It is so suitable for blogger who want to be more professional.

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