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    Hi you all,

    In these days I have found on Vimeo a very interesting widget, it is called Vimeo Hubnut, here is the link:
    it is a such kind of video gallery, and it works great, unfortunately it doesn’t work on, maybe it depends on the fact that it uses a “flash application” forbidden under

    So, I would like to ask to the wordpress administrators, please, can some one help me (and all the other users interested in this widget) to use this vimeo hubnut under I mean in the way that we can use it in a post or a page of the blog. It would be very very appreciated.

    Thanks in advances.

    Best regards

    The blog I need help with is


    So, no one can help me?




    If it uses flash or any script then it cannot be done. Can’t say anything more. probably some one else can help you with the exact case. Or you can ask it in


    thank you phosix, anyway, for your replay. I think I’ll use you link.



    The only video widget I know of that works here is the Vodpod Widget.


    Hi raincoaster,

    Yes, I know Vodpod Widget, and I like how it works, infact I’m using it on the side bar of my blog.

    But honestly, Hubnut widget is amazing indeed !!! And it should be a very good idea if the wordpress administrators and the developers let it works, in some way, under

    I would like to hope it ….



    I think this may be a hopeless cause because Flash is a security risk and this is a multiuser blogging platform with multi-millions of bloggers on it, so security is a priority. Alternatively, if you hire a web host and get a free standing wordpress.ORG install and install this Flash widget, then the only security risk will be to your own install and not to any other sites or blogs as it is here.

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