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    These past two days vimeo is not showing on my blog ive followed all the steps on the support site, i’ve updated everything I can think i’ve cleared caches etc… I am unsure why it’s suddenly stopped working as I have other stuff from my vimeo account on my blog i’ve ensured its not set to private can anyone help ? this is the video i’ve put it in html i’ve put brackets round it i’ve linked, unlinked i’ve posted several times I don’t know what else to do?

    The blog I need help with is



    I just figured out the problem, at least for me. I used to never have issues copying and pasting urls of vimeo and youtube videos for my site, but in the past few months wordpress hasn’t seemed to cooperate. Instead of a vimeo video thumbnail on my site it would just appear as a url. I tried switching from “visual” to “html” on the back end of editing a wordpress blog/site, but that didn’t solve it either. I had been using Firefox, so I tried updating to the newest Firefox 11.0 and that still didn’t fix it. I tried using Safari and that didn’t work. So, I updated to the newest Safari 5.1.5 and that did the trick!!! So, it’s a glitch of Firefox cooperating with WordPress, which is pretty annoying and shouldn’t be the case. Hope that works, that is, if you have an Apple computer where you can use Safari.



    Thanks you so much for sharing that using Safari 5.1.5 worked for you. I have flagged this thread Staff are aware of the Firefox issue.



    Some browsers do paste the URL as an actual link (blue and underlined), which breaks the embed, since we aren’t sure if you really just meant to link it.

    If that happens, highlight it and hit the editor button that looks like a broken chain to the right of the link button. This will break the link so the video can embed correctly.

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