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VIMEO Videos not displaying

  1. The past three times I have tried to embed my videos into my blog post they have not shown up. Only the text of the web address from Vimeo shows up. I want the video to display in the blog like my previous videos have. In the past my workaround has been to add a video that worked in the past, post that along with the new video link that won't show up. At that point the old video somehow triggers the new video to show up and then I delete the old video link. However for my last post I cannot get the video to show no matter what I do.
    Does anyone know why this happens with Vimeo videos. I should be able to just paste the videos address and Vimeo does the rest.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I resorted to just embedding it with the embed code from Vimeo but the video is smaller doing it that way. I have still left the original link above it and that is what WordPress should have been able to convert into a larger viewable video.

  3. Still happening, whats going on and why can't I get a response to this?

  4. Hi there,
    Please post an active link to where this is happening so we can see it.

  5. Have you tried using the vimeo shortcode? It works every time for me >

  6. the only way I can get a video to show up is if I put the embed code in, but that results in a smaller video viewer in the post. Is this something that is just a glitch for my theme?

  7. Thanks for the help but nothing is working.
    I tried the video sizing but the maximum size it will give me is a height of 281. The videos that took the normal link were large for some reason.

    Link to the issue is

    You will see I left a link on top of the video that should have been enough for the video to show up but wasn't.

  8. This is bizarre, the link just worked and sized the video like the others. It seems like there is no rhyme or reason to this and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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