Violation of my rights

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    No where on here does it say my blog can be removed because of a pic of self harm. It says to contact me if you are disturbed. I was posting a pic of my own body. I only wrote one sentence. I did not say I was going to off myself. It was a mature topic, but I write about mature topics all the time. I have the right to freedom of speech. I was expressing myself and what I go through. I did NOT violate the rules. I did not steel it, I did not threaten anyone. And all the stuff about rules and safety and reporting just says to contact the blogger and try to help them and that mature topics are allowed because we have rights. This is not ok with me.



    Pictures of self harm are not okay with Don’t upload them.


    This is what the rules say. That is word for word.

    We do permit mature content on, including text, images and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material. However, blogs that contain such content can and will be marked as Mature in our system.



    You’re clearly not suspended or marked as Mature. Where are you getting information to the contrary>


    It is just gone. My post is completely gone. It is like it never existed. No one knows my pass word, this site is the ONLY thing I do not have saved on my computer where my friends and family can happen to stumble upon it. I just changed my password in the fear that someone somewhere had it… but it is gone. It is not in the trash, I got no email to edit or censor it. Nothing. I reposted the pic and write a whole thing about freedom of speech and the fact that I am all alive and stuff and DID NOT kill myself and that it was my body and i did not steel. I was using freedom of speech which this site is very clear about the fact that i have the right to it as long as it is my speech and not something I stole. It is just gone. I was in a very bad place and I needed an outlet and this site is one of the only things that forces me to wake up. I am on here cause I can not be myself on facebook due to family members. I have to have this. I have to have my voice.



    If you do a forum search, you will find literally hundreds of threads about posts that have gone missing. Gardening posts. Kitten pictures. Whatever. It’s a known bug.


    really? OK. well maybe it was just that. If so i apologize for the dramatic posts. But this is just too important to me. So thanks for the info. Made my day. And it is only 10:09… but then again I have been up for almost 24 hours so you know, you did a big good like thing



    I’ve been there a thousand times. Everything’s more dramatic with no sleep.

    Use an offline blog editor to write your posts, and NEVER use the New Post button on the Admin bar or the central page. Always use the New Post option under Posts on the dashboard.



    Hi there,

    We don’t delete user’s posts. We have tools to deal with content that violates our terms or that is mature (as outlined already). As Raincoaster has pointed out already, we have been seeing an issue with users’ posts vanishing, some after getting cached by Google.

    Could you tell me more? What browser and version are you using? Where in your dashboard did you compose the post? Did your image vanish from your media library, or is it still there?

    Thanks for any clarifying information you can provide! I do apologize that you lost some of your content – it is terrible to work hard on something and lose it.


    I use foxfire for everything I do. Google is my homepage but thats about it. I am not amused by them taking over shit. They keep trying to get me to release all my personal info on youtube. No thanks. The pic did stay in my media library. I wrote another post with the pic, only this time I was not depressed, I was pissed off. I wish more than anything I could remember the other thing I wrote which also got deleted. I can not even remember the topic. I now plan to put each of my blog writings in to my journal so that nothing will be lost from now on. I am sorry for whatever google did you to because I love this blog site. This site gives me something to look forward to.



    Thank you for your kind words and the clarification.

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