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violation of Terms of Service

  1. My blog was deactivated yeserday for violation of WordPress TOS.
    As I have yet to receive a reply from their Admin as to why this action was taken I am trying another route and posting this topic here
    So if any kind chap/chapess at WP HQ is reading this I would be extremely grateful for a response

    I can only assume the blog was deactivated for links to third party commercial sites

    Please somone help me here

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sorry, I should give you the URL

  3. The chap/chapess at WP HQ are unlikely to respond to the specifics of your violation an a public forum. If you have contacted them via the link provided along with the message in your dashboard, they will come back to you. I can understand that you are eager to resolve this issue, but all you can do is what for the response.

  4. Also check the email spam filter at your ISP to make sure the email response did not get caught. Some ISP's have their spam filters set pretty tight.

  5. Thanks for the above prompt replies
    Guess I`ll just have to wait

  6. Just a quick question on the above. In your experience if a blog has been suspended/deactivated do the powers here at WP offer the offender the chance to make good his initial transgression?
    Now I`m not talking about paedophilia here or promotion of some bizzare pernicious wa(c)ko cult; I offer training courses in how to use betting exchanges; my crime, I guess, is that used affiliate links.
    Once these have been removed from my blog I would hope that I will be allowed to continue.
    This is conjecture on my part so I would hope a moderator or senior member could advance a hypothetical reply!

  7. Once these have been removed from my blog I would hope that I will be allowed to continue.
    Not sure I can call myself a senior member (yet), but in my experience that is normally the case.

  8. Thanks Husdal
    Well, the good news is that the site is back up
    Still unsure of exactly what th problem was; hope to receive a response on this matter from WP

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