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  1. I'm new, this is my 5th day and my totals have been as follows...

    Day 1: 299
    Day 2: 467
    Day 3: 477
    Day 4: 406
    Day 5 (still happening): 390

    Should I be looking into a VIP account to advertise in the near future due to these quick results, or is that still a long ways away? Sorry, once again I am very new to all of this.

    The blog I need help with is


    sorry, there is the site

  3. Uh, no.

    VIP hosting is for blogs consistently getting more than half a million hits a month, and it costs several hundred dollars to set up and $600 per month. I've seen blogs here get over 60,000 hits without needing any VIP functionality. I get over 2000 a day on one of my blogs and wouldn't bother with it.

  4. ah. alright my apologies. thanks for answering though

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