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VIP blogs

  1. Just out of curiosity,does anyone happen to know what blogs out there are considered VIP blogs? I know of 'I can has cheesburgers' but what other ones are there? I am curios to see what these VIP blogs look like and I have not been able to find a list of those considered as such...

    Cheers :)

  2. Anderson Cooper's CNN blog is VIP. So is T Magazine at the NY Times.

  3. All the Fortune, Time, CNN blogs, the ihasahotdog blog, Stuff White People Like, GigaOm, Robert Scoble.

  4. Actually, CNN's Political Ticker (I think that's its name) is another one.

  5. You can always trawl through Blogs of the Day. They tend to be somewhat overrepresented with VIP blogs:

  6. Web Worker Daily.

  7. Thanks rain & ella, those should keep me busy to browse through!!

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