Viral Linking will merit suspension?

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    I recently got a message from a “Mark” who claims to be part of the support team here at the WordPress Forums. He recently requested that I delete my Viral Link post since it was considered spamming.
    I don’t mind complying just as long as I know that the person who messaged me is in fact a legitimate member of WordPress. Also, I was wondering if a Viral Link post would merit a suspension of your WordPress blog.
    Considering that I most likely am not the only one with Viral links on my blog, I went over to these forums hoping to find at least one thread that discussed the matter of Viral links violating WordPress’ rules and regulations, but I have found not even a single one pertaining to it. Nor a sticky thread.
    Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much!



    Mark is indeed a staff member; among many other roles, he is the staff member in charge of deleting blogs. I would take what he says seriously.

    It’s a violation of the Terms of Service you signed up for when you joined here. If you must have the viral links, you must go elsewhere for blog hosting.



    Hi raincoaster…

    Thanks for the verification… I hope my action of not deleting my viral links right away was not misconstrued as an unwillingness to comply…
    I just had to make sure that the message came from a legitimate member. You know how it is with identities here on the net.
    Thanks again for the heads up! Much appreciated! Will take action accordingly to correct this. :D



    I know how it is on the net, but I have to wonder why you’d trust me, a stranger and forum dweller who has no credentials, over an email that comes from a address.

    If he emailed you asking for a change, I think he’s going to give you adequate time to make the change. Usually the blog just goes POOF!



    I left several such messages. Everyone has a chance to remove it – it seemed a misguided thing rather than something else. I ought to go check – it’s on a list of things to somewhere.

    Whoever thought that up though …… odd.



    Oh raincoaster…
    the first message I got didn’t come from a sender with a email address. That was what made me think twice about it. That was the first thing I checked when I got the message.
    But all is well now. Mark, was kind enough to email me again explaining the reasons why viral linking was considered spamming. :)



    Good to hear chuckster. Good on you for asking for clarification. That is worth saying thank you. :)



    what in the hells is viral linking??

    sounds like a nasty disease lol



    Indeed. Is there a vaccine?


    yup. give me $10k and i’ll send it to you TT :P


    If you guys got virallinking on your blogs, get rid of them! I got all my blogs suspended because of it. I thought these things can booster my google pagerank and my technorati ranks. It did boost my technorati, but it didn’t boost my google pagerank. I understand what Mark is trying to say and I’m all for ridding my blogs of the virallinks, viraltags, and viralicons. I would like to think this viral stuff is all needless spam.

    Mark, I would like to thank you for reinstating my copsncrooks blog so I can get rid of my viraltags post. But, there’s one more blog you must reinstate so I can delete the viraltags post.

    Please reinstate my second blog so I can delete the viraltags post on it.

    And thanks again, Mark. :)



    crazyharp – done but remove those links asap.

    And yes, viral links = suspension.
    IF the blog is otherwise okay then it may come back.
    If it’s not then it will not.

    And we can find them….


    Links removed! :)



    I have a friend who never tires of lecturing me that keywords and viral linking and affiliate linking are the way to get to the top. His blog is at 300,000 on Technorati. I disagree. I’m at 14,500. But will he listen to me? Nooooooooo!



    I still don’t understand what a viral link is.


    I think it’s another affiliate linking scam.
    Viral link cloud : contains some anchor text and its hyperlinked
    viral link matrix : Contains only *(or some specific symbol) as anchor text.



    See Mark’s post for clarification

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