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Virtual Tours in flash

  1. HI, I would like to upload to my blog a virtual tour made of several flash videos linked to each others by hotspot inside the each single view. So far I only managed to upload and insert a file using the "insert/edit embedded media"... now, all other files are stored obviously in the same folder in fact if I set the url of the file in my browser the reel shows correctly and clicking the hot spot buttons the other movies load correclty... this does not happen inside the blog: inserted video shows but when clicking on the hot spot links nothing happens. I believe becuase the post is stored in another folder different from the one of the tours but I guess there is no way to set them in the same spot. Any ideas how to go around the problem? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

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  4. Did you not read the response given by the helpful support bot? You're on the wrong forum. We can't help you.

  5. Sorry for the duplicate response, tess.

  6. Hey, airodyssey,
    It's an echo!

    (if we are each lucky, we can consider it a fortunate occurrence!)

  7. sorry.

  8. @duzimage
    No sorry needed. You will just find better advise on the appropriate forum.
    Happy blogging to you!

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