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Virus attack on the Blog

  1. My anti-virus very often detects virus on my Blog ( and so restricts me to navigate it.
    Also due to this I've seen a considerable fall in my daily statistics.
    I can't understand that suddenly what has happened to my WordPress blog.
    P.S : I use a licensed version of Quick Heal Total Security.
    Please help me with this problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That can be from two different problems -

    Your anti-virus can be having a false positive - that would need to be addressed with the AV company

    Also you could be linking to a bad site - your AV should give you a link name - search for the link using OmniSerch (from your dashboard) - then delete the link

  3. That can't be the case, because my Site Views have also fell to the ground level from past few days. There is some error in the Content, maybe the virus has attacked there.

  4. Your site is no www.

    Are you perhaps encountering this problem while in the Dashboard using https?

    Google crawls your site and is not blocking access to it, so that is good news.

  5. Yeah, Good news !
    But nope, I encounter this problem when I'm going through my website as a normal person, that's without logging in.
    Is there any connection with this?

  6. As auxclass said, check with your AV company; they may be falsely identifying javascript or something else as a threat.

  7. Checked it, didn't find anything as such.
    Right now I'm worried and hoping that it gets solved as soon as possible.

  8. Let's go back to what auxclass said: the #1 reason blogs here throw up virus warnings is because the blogger has hotlinked an image from a bad site. If you have ever hotlinked an image, go back and change it.

  9. Dear raincoster, I don't hotlink the images.
    Instead I download and upload it to the WordPress Gallery so as to attach with a post.

  10. I download and upload it to the WordPress Gallery

    You do have the remission of the person that owns the rights to the picture to use it on your blog, right?

    Just because you find a picture on the internet does not give you permission to do much more than just to look at it.

  11. Yeah, I'm aware of this fact.
    And yes, I do have the right to upload it on my blog. Those are the works of my colleagues and friends.

  12. auxclass, raincoaster and justjennifer, I finally found the culprit.
    It's in the WordAds that are being displayed on my blog.
    Every redirection pointed towards the ads. I guess, WordAds has been attacked by some hacker.
    WordPress should soon do something about this before it corrupts the entire system.

  13. I'll tag this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  14. Yeah sure timethief.
    And thanks a ton for the consideration.

  15. Would you please drop a screenshot of the offending ad in your media library so we can investigate this with the ad network? Also, would you please reply with a full quote of the error provided by your anti-virus software?

    Rest-assured, WordAds has not been hacked. More than likely, your anti-virus software is issuing a false-positive (it wouldn't be the first time with this anti-virus software) which you should report to them, but I'd like to investigate the ad first just to be sure.

    The screenshot of the ad and a full quote of the message your anti-virus is giving you will help us do that.

  16. Yes, got it macmanx.
    Glad to hear that WordAds hasn't been hacked.
    But, I didn't get where to post the screenshot of my error definition?
    There's no option here on the forum thread to attach the image.
    Would you please explain?

  17. Upload it to your site's Media Library and then you can either just let Staff know in this thread and they will look at it there or post a link to it here. Note the link button above the reply box.

  18. Thanks again justjennifer.

    A pop up shown by the Anti-virus when I visit the page that contains the WordAd

    This is the Anti-Virus Report of the last detected viruses

    Above are the two links for the screenshots I just uploaded to my media library regarding the virus issue.
    Please take the needful action and let me know if some other information is required.

  19. Thanks! That looks like a typical false-positive from them, but I'm having trouble tracking down that particular ad to confirm. Which country are you browsing from?

  20. Yeah, there's something wrong going on.
    I'm browsing from Maharashtra, India.

  21. Thanks, I know exactly who it is, and I'll contact them ASAP. I'm still suspecting a false-positive as I don't see anything directly wrong with the ad itself. Basically, your anti-virus is just informing you that it doesn't trust the site the ad is linking to, not that it's trying to actively infect your computer.

  22. Phew, it seems finally the problem is about to get solved.
    Thanks a ton macmanx.
    And yeah, my viewers and my daily stats started falling from the day this Virus problem had evolved, can you explain how is this affecting my viewers?

  23. Hm, I wouldn't say that's the culprit. Your stats started to drop on September 4, which is directly related to a drop in traffic from Google, possibly because you haven't posted anything in almost a month.

    Google's search bots will see the US ads, if any, not the ads we run to viewers in India, so the ad wasn't the cause.

    Also, we have confirmed that this is report from your anti-virus software is indeed a false-positive. Basically, it doesn't like the site the ad is linking to for some reason. You might want to report that to your anti-virus provider.

  24. Also, I noticed you have a section in your sidebar titled "Backlinks". Google heavily penalizes backlinks, so if I were to guess now as to what caused Google to pretty much remove you from their search results, I'd say the backlinks were probably the cause.

  25. Thanks a ton macmanx.
    Your detailed review of my site is surely gonna prove very helpful for me.
    I'm right now removing that backlinks tab. And yeah, I didn't knew that Google bots stop fetching the data from our site if one hasn't posted anything for a time period of a month.
    Are there any more suggestions you would like to give to improve my site?

  26. Some of your Posts have a TON of tags and categories, I think the magic number is no more than about 12 from timethief.

    Visit her site for some great tips on making your blog better

  27. 12 is a very good number, excess tags can seem like a spam content to Google.

    Since you're low on Google's radar now, you might want to try some grassroots (and non-spam-like) ways to get back your traffic.

    I want to strongly emphasize sharing your blog with your friends and family. If they like it, they'll share it with their friends, and so on.

  28. Thanks a ton auxclass and macmanx.
    I will surely follow timethief's blog for the tips.
    And macmanx, I'm already sharing my blog with family and friends, they already follow it.
    If by any chance you can promote or spread the word for my blog, please do it.
    I would be more than thankful to you. :)

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