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    I had 2 people come to the site and leave these posts:

    Humble are you here …I got hit with a virus from a blog that says CAYLE IS DEAD! from the front page after clicking the video …says click active x and than bang anti virus says trojan alert. pass it around let everyone know please

    There are 3 posts on here the main blog page that were posted by akofoykay and all three have a movie you can click to view. If you click on the video’s they come up some x-rated pictures. I have no idea who to report this to but I thought I should make everyone aware of it. This is pretty disgusting if you ask me.
    On a blog about a little girl that has lost her life.

    I have not been able to find the site to report it, and am sure that wordpress support will not be in until Monday, so I wanted to get this out so you can beware.



    well Im not going to risk going to your blog to see what your talking about. so you should report it now, its 24/7 support.



    If you had 2 people leave identical posts, it’s 90% likely they are spam. And a virus is not the same as porn. Contacting staff can’t hurt, though.


    The virus’ are not on my site. They are are someone elses with the name akofoykay. I am unable to find out where the video is or the site. These posters are not spammers. They have posted many times on my blog.

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