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Virus Warnings For My Site

  1. Hi Folks!

    I have Kaspersky and it detected a virus worm: JS.Fbook.a when I accessed a few friends sites.

    Scanning my PC identified 49 iterations of the same virus.

    I am now going to perform a second sweep to make sure my PC is clean - I suggest you do the same.

  2. Kaspersky responded to our report, and it was apparently a false detection. They'll be fixing it in their next update.

  3. Thank you for addressing this issue so fast and so well, macmanx & staff! :-)

  4. I agree. I apprecitiate all of the help in this matter. My problem is resolved.

  5. Everything is working fine here too, macmanx.

    Thanks for the help!!!

    God Bless!


  6. Updated Kapersky this morning, no problems at all. Thanks for the help.

  7. Hi,
    I have the same problem with Zone Alarm. Not sure what to do...
    I've also noticed that my blog doesn't function as well as usual: couldn't add a link earlier on and it doesn't always respond...

  8. I think you should open a thread in Zone Alarm's forums. Make sure to give them a link to this discussion inhere on WordPress:

    Zone Alarm:

  9. Kaspersky responded 8 minutes after my email to them. Then after the Kaspersky update, all is back to normal. We should all take a moment of silence to reflect . . . this technology thing really works!

  10. i have al so this problem in my site pls help me
    and you can contact me in my blog at

  11. What is the name of the anti-virus program that is warning you, blanchisserie1algerie? We do need to know what warnings you need help with....

  12. the antivirus is McAfee in my server

  13. Please open a thread at McAfee Forums. It's a false positive that McAfee will have to look into. cannot make any edits in McAfee's security program - as I'm sure you understand :-)

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