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    Is it possible to click on a virus through a referral? I have been getting referrals clicking to my blog such as digg. com and one time I think I click a virus. It is really frustrating. Who could be getting on my blog since I am not on those sites to get to my blog? Need help figuring this out and thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you have a referral from it means someone submitted one of your articles to the digg site. it’s very rare to click on a virus from the referral list.


    download and READ below

    wot will tell you if you visit a bad or unsafe page both you do so , this is for firefox , this is for windows


    both you do so

    EDIT: before you do so :)


    There is always the chance that you can get a virus from a referral link. Sadly their are those out there that get their jollies from things like that.

    Always make sure you have good virus protection and that your virus protection is up to date with the latest virus definitions. This certainly doesn’t mean that you will never get a virus, but it should stop the bulk of them.


    @thesacredpath , agreed i learnt my lesson and have not had anything for 3 years with my security

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