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Visibility feature in Recent Posts widget not working

  1. I recently adopted a new theme on my blog ( to allow for multiple post formats, and now would like only for Standard format posts to be included in my Recent Posts sidebar widget. While there's no format selection option, It looks like the widget allows for exclusion based on category, so I created a category for non-Standard posts ("Brief") and set the widget to hide posts in that category. And yet, they persist in showing up. When I tried the opposite approach and set it to show posts in every other category, the widget disappeared from the sidebar altogether.

    What am I missing here? Any other suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What you're missing is that the visibility settings don't determine what will show in the widget, they determine whether the widget will show on a certain page: when you select Hide/Brief, you say that the widget won't show when you view that category page. Check for yourself:

  3. That makes sense.

    So back to the original objective, there's no way to screen posts out of the list in any kind of automated way then, right?

  4. Right: no automated way to do this.
    The only way would be to remove the Recent posts widget, create a custom menu in Appearance > Menus, add the posts you want, add a Custom Menu widget to your sidebar, make it display the custom menu you created, and update the menu manually each time you publish a regular post.

  5. Sounds like too much trouble, though I'm happy to have the information. Thanks for your help!

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