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    On template twenty eleven, it seems that, if a reader clicks on the hyperlink for the post, the sidebar does not show, but rather only shows if the reader clicks on the blog title. I would like the sidebar to show in either view, as I often put content in the sidebar that is relevant to the post. Is there a way to do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s the way the theme is designed: optional sidebar on dynamic pages, optional sidebar on any static page, no sidebar on the single post view. You need a different theme.


    Thanks, justpi. I’m looking into it now. Peculiar they’d design a theme like that, isn’t it? Anyway, don’t bother with this if you don’t have time, but I like everything about this theme except that (such as san serif type face & ability to put up a photo as part of the header), and it’s amazingly difficult to find, so I’d welcome any suggestions!



    • You can try its siblings Twenty Ten and Twenty Twelve: they don’t have that quirk.
    • You can read about all themes and see them in action here:
    (Some demos are misleading, since no header image has been added although supported.)
    • Themes that support header images listed here:*
    • Sans serif is the majority – see here which themes to avoid:*
    (* Newest themes not listed – see the red note in my sidebar.)


    Justpi: I can’t thank you enough for your continuing aid to this newbie in distress. I’ve now bookmarked your blog (though I see it’s not active) for information as I need it too. How amazing that I didn’t believe what I was seeing when I first worked with 2011. I guess it just seemed implausible that no sidebars would appear with posts! Anyway, you’ve given me some terrific leads, and I am pursuing them now. Also, the issue of demos being misleading really had me stumped, so many thanks for that FYI as well. I’m so relieved there are more that take headers! (Understood, BTW, that not all themes are listed in the blog.) Thank you again and again!



    You’re welcome!
    As for your opinion re this 2011 quirk, well, I had singled it out as the “chief drawback” in my post on the theme:


    Right on the money with that, you were! FYI, thanks to your tip on the demo not always showing the header option, I went back to twenty twelve, and it turns out to be just right for my needs and has some features I like better than 2011 anyway. So, thanks again. I would have swum around quite a while longer not figuring this out if it hadn’t been for you!

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