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Visibility settings on pages: 'block search engines'!

  1. Hi there.

    Feature suggestion: visibility option on pages to block search engines.

    I know the visibility setting allows to set a page to public or private, however: I want my 'about' page (for example) to be public, but I don't want people to arrive on it out of context directly from a Google search on some keywords or images. I want 'about' to be for persons only who are already on the blog and have read a post or consider reading one and then want see who the author is. I wouldn't mind a direct link (if relevant), but I mind traffic from irrelevant keyword searches.

    I have down-revised my 'about' page to just a short joke for that reason; because I don't want my professional history, education and other traceable info to be in Search and landed on randomly out of context.

    What matters is to be able to control the context content is displayed in. I guess it is psychological: like it is fine to walk in bikini on the beach, but not on the train station. Internet search breaks down the walls between different contexts.

    There could be posts as well where the same was the case, although I can't think of any right now...

    The other pages are link pages, which I very much would like to come up in search; they are purely technical and informative. For personal blogs there could more pages a blog owners would like to keep public but out of reach of the search robots; 'blog visitors only'... just feels better.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Generally speaking, you don't need to worry about it. My About page has nearly 300 comments on it, and several incoming links, and it ranks REALLY far down in the google search ranks.

    Basically, pages by their very nature have so little googlejuice that they are almost invisible anyway. I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you want a page to get search engine attention, turn it into a Post instead.

  3. Just to avoid confusion, because my name links to the wrong blog which has no about or link pages: I was having my blog in mind, but it is of course a general feature request.

  4. Really? That is not good for the link pages then... I can't change a page's status from 'Page' to 'Post', I suppose.

  5. The intention of those pages was actually easy-to-find collections of handy, well organised links around key topics. If I drive some direct traffic to them (through Twitter or something), wonder if that could improve their chance of being picked up or it is just hopeless.

  6. As for the 'About' page, it is currently the top visited page/post according to the stats in Dashboard, above the top visited post. I suspected that somehow the image on above figures in Google Image Search and drives people to the page. I don't really want that; that was the reason I posted this request.

  7. ('the image on about' is what I meant above)

  8. You would have to copy the contents, paste it into a new post, add title tags and categories and then delete the page.

    They'll be picked up if you leave them as Pages. The way you pick up a rock and then see something squirming on the bottom. And you drop it right away.

    If they don't have a snotload of incoming links now, if I were you I'd make them Posts, then use a Custom Menu to put them in the page tabs so they are always easily findable.

  9. but it could of course all come from the 'Home Page' visits.

  10. Thanks Raincoaster, that sounds like a good idea with the menu ...

  11. Try writing a Post about some aspect of Export and link to your Export Page and or part of the Export Page.

    I don't worry about search engines finding my index pages, but the pages are there to help visitors already on my site to find more information easily without needing to page back through a lot of Posts.

  12. Unfortunately I will need to change the titles as they wouldn't make sense as post titles. I suppose I can't 'customise' the pages titles in the menu, so they are not similar to the posts titles (Pages titles: should be ultra short)

  13. Thanks Auxclass. Yes, that is another options.

  14. However, these pages won't actually make much sense without traffic volume because only a few links will/may be relevant to each individual visitors. They will also get out dated after a while: I took them from my old link database and checked each one of them, and many were already outdated after a few years.

  15. I suppose if I convert them to posts, they will still look and feel the same way (in Twenty Eleven), so people won't even discover they are not pages if they get there from the 'pages menu' in the top row.

  16. Well, if you're not going to keep them up to date, what's the point of driving traffic to them?

  17. I am going to keep them up to date. But it is not really worthwhile if there is 5 visitors each month.

  18. Auxclass: just visited your blog. I can see what you mean with index pages: overview over your own blog's articles. That is different. I would obviously not want to drive any traffic to index pages if I had that. This is collections of links to key (external) web pages and services around the theme of self-employment in Australia.

  19. @Raincoaster, to clarify: the old links weren't visible any more for a long time. They were initially in the widgets but then removed with the plan of updating & turning them into pages/corerent collections with explanations to each. Which I have now done.

  20. (coherent)

  21. Actually, some of my pages rank really well for their particular key words -- at least on Google. I think it depends on what it's about.

    I also post an announcement each time I publish a new page, just with the page name, a link to the page, and some kind of little summary. The pages still get traffic from search engines.

    Often in a day, I'll have more hits to pages than to posts -- not necessarily to any particular page, and the top hits are often to a few most recent posts, but once people land on my site, they very often visit more than one page. I try to make it easy for visitors to find the pages that have what they're looking for, and I've found since I changed themes and revamped my blog, that even more pages are hit & my traffic in general has increased -- although I changed the theme & added better navigation partly because I was getting more hits from search engines than I used to, and I realized that people were finding my blog but not necessarily the content they might want to see if they knew it was there.

  22. Oh, and you can rename the titles in the menus and have them lead to posts or pages whose titles are different. I've done that with a few titles when I realized my original titles weren't very good -- I left the actual titles alone, but I name them something slightly different & more to-the-point in my custom menu.

  23. I just looked at my top posts & pages widget, which gives an average from a couple days worth of hits, and four of the five are pages, not posts. Maybe they don't often have google juice, but it's possible to have pages do well & serve a purpose.

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