Visibility – what governs whether posts go to 'fiction' or 'fiction (2)'?

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    Hi there,

    Just a quick question. I’m a pretty new blogger. I’ve been writing some fiction and I noticed that all my works go to ‘fiction (2)’. At first I thought, ‘Ok, so it’s because I don’t have many followers yet.’ But then I noticed someone with half the followers in ‘Fiction’.
    As no one is likely to search ‘fiction (2)’, and neither does it appear in the ‘browse themes’ section, this means that people searching for fiction won’t see my work, so tagging it for visibility becomes frustrating.
    On the day that I released my last piece, 5 people read it, and 5 people liked it – that’s pretty good odds right? If more people searching for what I do could find it, I’m sure I could really make something of my blog.
    So, after all that waffle, the question is this: what decides that I always go to ‘fiction (2)’, and when and how can I be directed to the real fiction category?
    Like everyone else, I just want to be read.
    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is



    WP doesn’t separate us into first-rate and second-rate bloggers. Your problem is that you created a tag “fiction”, then you created a category “Fiction”.

    Categories (obligatory) are supposed to be the main subgroups of your blog, while tags (optional) are supposed to be more specific keywords related to the content of a particular post.
    But technically categories and tags are the same data. If you categorize a post under “Whatever”, or if you tag it “Whatever”, it will show in the “Whatever” Topics page.
    For these reasons there’s absolutely no point using the same word or phrase as both a tag and a category, plus you may run into problems when you do that (as you found out).

    If you had written both of them in exactly the same way, the system would have understood you mean the same thing. You wrote the tag in lowercase but you wrote the category with a capitalized initial, so the system thinks this is a deliberate differentiation and adds the -2 to distinguish the one from the other.
    If you want it as a tag, go to Posts > Categories and delete the category. If you want it as a category, you need to go to Posts > Tags, delete the tag, go to Posts > Categories, delete the category, then create it again.



    ah, brilliant.

    Thanks for enlightening me justpi. I will try that right away!



    Yup, works like a charm.

    Thanks again. Problem solved.

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