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    Hi, thats probably simple but Im new and dont understand…
    When I type my name or any key words form my blog into search on main website I never have answers from my blog. I checked visiblity, blog is public, post as well. It is because I write blog not in Enlish?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Your blog shows up in the wordpress tags when you click on them under your posts:
    A note: tags and categories function in the same way, so you really shouldn’t duplicate words you put into them.
    Re: the “Search Blogs” I just put a tag from my blog into it (yakimono) and my blog barely shows in that search, but it is dominant in
    so I don’t think it has to do with your blog not being in English.


    The search at the top of the forum pages and such, as I understand it, does not index or search blog names or usernames. It only looks for the search term in the post titles and post body..


    And tags and categories. It searches tags and categories as tess says.



    Thanks for that. But still I try to put some of my tags or post title in search at Search blog. Usually it cant find anything, or somebodies else blogs. I would mind if my blog is somewhere far down the list, but it does not appear at all. for example I put ‘konferencja’ or ‘edukacja’ (which are on my tags and post titles) and I get nothing. Anybody can explain this?


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