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    I have been seeing blogs where the comments are fully displayed below the recent topic. However, my blog’s comments only show up via the widget on the side. I would like to have the comments displayed right beneath my content to foster discussion. Is this dependent on the theme you choose, or is there a way to adjust your comment settings to have them fully visible?

    Thanks for the help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Some themes control how comments act or look, but it should be in your settings under “discussion” I think.



    Thanks Aaron. I also look din my discussion settings and wasn’t able to find how to adjust my comment setting sot visible”.


    Comments will not display on the main blog page. They will display on the single post page (after clicking a post title or the comments link on that post). The reason it is done this way is that if you have ten posts on your main page and each post has 20 or so comments, it turns into a scrolling nightmare for a visitor to get to the next post. Some of the blogs I visit regularly get 150 to 750 comments on each post, so you can imagine what a mess things could become quickly.

    There is one theme here that will display comments on the main page, but it is a specialized theme for collaborative endeavors and from experience, the issue I mention above will show up. There is a “comment toggle” that is provided so that you can show or hide them, but still it is a pain. That theme is “P2”.

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