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Visit Stats Turned into Weird Bar Graph!

  1. The bar graph isn't even about my stats, as it goes back to 2003 and my blog doesn't. The variables are "Region A" and "Region B".

    What all this means, I know not -- other than that something's pointing at the wrong stats entirely! Please fix it!

  2. Well, that was fast. You fixed it! :)

    Thank you. Blog stats are like a drug; I have to check them.

  3. Same thing is happening to my stats now, lol.

  4. Me Too..Want my previous stats page back..(whimper whimper)

  5. I just got that too, but a reload fixed it. Looks like we're seeing some sekrit-wordpress internal marketing data ;)

  6. A reload ISN'T fixing mine!!!

  7. Stats will be back to normal very soon.

    A page reload should work.
    If not, try again in 5 minutes

    No data is being lost - all will be well :)

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