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Visitor count summery is off

  1. On the new stats page - when the show stats by week is selected the far left bar is way messed up - Week 12, 1 visitor 1303 page views - see the screen shot - the left bar has some other problems but one problem per Post


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, thanks for reporting that! I'm seeing the same things on the stats page for several other blogs, so it definitely looks like a glitch. I've reported it to our team to take a look.

    What were the other problems you saw with that left bar? I can check to see if we can fix them up at the same time.

  3. This issue should be fixed now. Let me know if there's anything else we should take a look at! :)

  4. Thanks Rachel

    I will go ahead and cover the other things I noticed about the Stats with the supporting screen shots just in case

    First shot
    Mar 2011 shows 214 PV on graph with actual 2670 at 7:30 pm - PDT
    Note the 32 Graph bars showning

    Second Shot
    April 2011 shows 3,300 Graph with 3,300 actual at 8:16 am PDT
    Note the 31 Graph bars showing

    An observation about the number of Graph bars showing

    30 Days
    31 Weeks
    31 Months (OK)

    32 Months - when shown - not so OK

    I can't check the "feature" until tonight - Because the count "feature" seems to be time dependent - left bar count for Weeks (I think the weeks were off also) & Months stop working at about 0000 GMT / UTC but start showing the correct counts at 0000 local (Pacific Daylight time)

    So I will take a look later today, also warn the developers that there seemed to be a time sensitive part of it, since they said "fixed" with no details I will need to wait to double check - since to get the correct look all then needed to do was wait until this morning when the count would automatically revert to normal anyway -

    Sorry for the two step process but I wanted to have the supporting screen shots and such all lined up, when I did software I always liked more info even the odd strange things nobody else seemed to care about :) made my life easier

    thanks for the quick fix -

  5. Jackie

    Still a few undocumented "features" - Week 11, 2013 - 300 Page Views - 1 Visitor - 32 Months displayed

    Oct 18, 5:03 PM - Pacific Daylight time - 0103 GMT / UTC

    Good luck to the team


    Remember - there are no bug, only undocumented features

  6. Thanks for the detailed reports and screenshots! That's an interesting "feature," indeed. :) I asked our team to look into this.

  7. You be welcome

  8. Hi rachelmcr

    How is the team doing on this? I still see the left bar with funny numbers after midnight UTC and returning to normal after midnight local time -

    If I keep this up, I best maybe not show up at one of the meetup things for my safety :)


  9. So sorry, I missed your last message in this thread! Our team hasn't been able to reproduce the time-dependent part of this bug yet, but I'm following up with them to see if there's any additional details that might help them track it down. :)

  10. I was looking at the short count left bar last night and was wondering how the team was doing or if they had given up :)

    I used to do industrial software acceptance testing, entire companies lived in terror of my testing - One time - a company had a half in thick test script (small system test) - four people spent a full week testing the test and triple checking EVERYTHING - took me less than a half hour to break the system (and I was still in the test script) - handed the test script back to their team and told them to call me when they had something worth testing - in the end had a nice system that ran well

    Good luck to your team & a Happy Holiday & safe and happy new year

  11. @uaxclass

    I used to do industrial software acceptance testing, entire companies lived in terror of my testing

    I do contracted work and I can't discuss what I do but ... that made me SNORT and LOL :D

  12. @auxclass - We think we found the bug (finally!) that caused that time-dependent issue in your stats. :) When you get a chance, can you take a look and see if it's fixed for you?

  13. As noted it is time dependent so not yet the witching hour :)

    Yes I will look later today after the witching hour


  14. Close but no cigar as they used to say. The weeks look correct but Aug 2011 is the left bar @71 views, The actual count is 2,755 page views.

    So you are half way there :)

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