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    Question from a modest blogger. In the past months, my visitor count raised to 40-60 visitors a day. This might be little in comparison to your blogs; but for me this was a good number. I had a lot of traffic coming from Google, and a few from the wordpress search function. Life was good.

    But in the past five days, my visitor count dropped to 1-5 visitors a day. I’m not sure what caused this, because I certainly didn’t change anything to my blog. It’s like my blog has vanished from the internet for no apparent reason.

    Does anyone have an idea why my visitor count might have dropped so dramatically? And is there any way I can try and “fix” this? For me, a better “visibility” was a main reason to stick with … :-|

    The blog I need help with is



    I forgot to add that the blog in question is /

    Sorry for the double post, didn’t see an “edit” function.



    I can confirm that all is OK with your blog and stats, please don’t worry – this can happen from time to time – the internet is large and unpredictable :)



    @ hanni,

    hi what exactly does cause these changes to happen!!! And why does WP pages does not get cache by Crawler!!! Such as this:




    Thanks for the reply. The internet can be an unpredictable bastard, indeed. One more reason to stick to what works ( instead of jumping into the deep.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

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