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    I am using StatCounter for my blog. They have a service known as Visitor Map which shows a world map and tells you where your visitors are coming from.

    Is there any way i can have it displayed on my blog page? if not statcounter is there any other service which lets me do this.
    I have seen lots of people adding a visitor map to their blog and i wanna do the same.
    please help



    It’s easier to say yes or no if you show us the code. Paste it here between backticks, which are the marks on the same key as the ~. Then we can look at it.

    You might use Clustermaps. Some people love them, and I know they work on our blogs.


    I dont understand what code do you mean. I dont know CSS and i have not tried editing it on my blog. If you could let me know ill be glad to provide you. I also came to know about CodeXPress but i think its for the paid domains.



    Codexpress is definitely for self-hosted blogs. It’s a plugin and we can’t use them here.


    Is there any better service than ClustrMaps available for free ?


    Is Cluster map any different from the Palatial Mapkit which we already have on our WordPress widgets?



    I don’t know. I use Sitemeter which doesn’t display a map. (it might be able to, I don’t know, but I don’t use that feature.) Sorry.


    Is the functioning of Palatial Mapkit any different from Clustermaps? From what i understand, platial lets u add a map of any place whereas clustrmap allows you to display your visitor’s location across the globe



    Your understanding is correct.



    And some people use (I think that’s how the name is divided) on their blogs.


    Thanks a lot :). My query is resolved.



    You’re welcome and thank you for marking it resolved. Happy blogging!

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